Perm Muted
i got perm muted about 2 or 3 days ago on the rivendell civcraft server because of  one swearword, but i will tell the story about what happened. (Sorry if there is bad english, im Dutch)

I had no civ because i left my old one and had to wait, so i mined to gain some money. Then i got killed by TheGodGiver and he took all the minerals which i mined in 2 hours. At this moment i was a bit mad but i didn't swear in chat. The he went to spawn and gave it away, at that moment i got a bit angry and the only thing i said was 'Fuck you'. Then i got perm muted and TheGodGiver told me he almost wanted to jail me.

I understand that TheGodGiver muted me because i sweared, but i think a perm mute is a bit to much for this, i hope you will unmute me and let me have some fun in this civcraft server.

Thanks already, Verdarithion

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