Trading Report (JAN 2016)
Diamond (64 dia per stack)
Diamond remains the only true currency on the server. However, there has been what can only be described as "inflation". With all the cheap fortune III picks being sold, almost everyone has stacks of diamonds to spend.

Obsidian (16 dia per stack)
Obsidian has remained stable throughout the last month. Accepted as currency by ChadDX and DeadOcelot. I expect price to rise once the End Towers are gone. Once this price stabilises, I expect it to become an official currency. 

Lapiz (8 dia per stack)
Lapiz has just been made into an official currency! Lapiz is pegged at 8 to the Zineon Diamond (8LPZ = z$1.00).

Iron Ingots (32 dia per stack)
Iron is stable at 2 iron to 1 diamond. Although not a true currency, iron is often used as a z$0.50 coin.

Gold Ingots(16 dia per stack)
Gold price is currently set by the price of the Notch Apple which requires 8 gold blocks and an apple to craft. Mine it if you want, but be aware that it has less diamond value than iron currently because of the recent boom in pigman gold farming. Better than mining gold directly is to mine iron and sell it for twice the amount in Gold. Gold is currently the cheapest block to use to activate your beacons.

Redstone blocks(16 dia per stack) (no actual trades yet)
A nice decorative block, but also has industrial uses. It's abundant at diamond level, so I set it as invisible on my xray mod and don't bother mining it all.

Coal blocks (16 dia per stack) (no actual trades yet)
Coal blocks are simply the cheapest and easiest to carry furnace fuel. Who wouldn't want a stack of coal blocks in their inventory/echest for 16 dia?

Emerald blocks (128 dia per stack of blocks)
Finally have a buyer for emeralds, so hopefully we can start to trade them. Main use of emeralds is for villager trading, which is the only way to get the "bottle o enchants" in survival mode

Apples (128 dia per stack)
Thats right! Apples are now being bought for 1 diamond each (or 2 each if you have a stack). This is because of high demand for Notch Apples, which will become uncraftable after 1.9. I do not expect apples to ever be worth less than 1 dia each,.

Slime blocks (128 dia per stack)
Slime is still in high demand, and no one can produce in bulk currently.

Sponge (256 dia per stack)
I managed to buy 32 sponge at the above price. I would not be surprised if this price rose

Blaze Rods (128 dia per stack)
Someone used to have a blaze farm and was selling for only 1 dia per rod, but they've left/abandoned it and now there is a shortage of blaze rods/powder. I expect the price to fall once someone makes a blaze farm, but then rise again after 1.9 drops due to needing a constant supply of blaze rods/powder to continue making potions (will be used up by brewing stand)

Magma cream (128 dia per stack)
no sellers currently, and this is the main ingredient in fire resistance potions

Glowstone (32 dia per stack)
The mother of decorative blocks is also used for redstone notification systems and in potions. Currently this is mined with a silk touch pick and xray near the nether roof, however I hear that a witch farm is under construction, which is expected to halve prices.
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Just bought 8 stacks of steak for 64 dia.

Also sold 5 Military-Grade Suits, A God-Grade Suit, 5 God Picks, and 4 Swords.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
just bought 64 blaze rods for 128 diamonds

Also sold 10 Military Grade God suits
10 God Picks
1 God-Grade Suit
1 God Sword
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Question? Where did u get the steak from? I need to buy some also Big Grin
Hawt Doggo
just bought 34 apples

and sold 2 PVP suits and 1 god sword

I think Taters sold me the steak
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Obsidian should become the highest ranked currency seeing as it can't be affected by fortune picks, takes way more time to mine, therefore collect, and is more useful than diamonds, due to the large inflation of god armor, weapons, and tools. Obsidian can provide a better guard and deterrent against stealing.
Hey chad can we please use golden ingots and iron to buy stuff from the market/shop please. This would help a lot thanks\
#=Meme Team=!!!
To The_Doctor856
Obsidian was originally a candidate for official currency. The problem with this is that I was going to build secure trading rooms out of obsidian, and I don't want people to mine the trading rooms as they are waiting for the person they are trading with to arrive. Also, obsidian can't be compressed into blocks, meaning that obsidian will take a lot of space in a player's enderchest. A block of lapiz is still worth more than one obsidian. After a lot of thought, I have decided to categorise obsidian as a (valuable and stable) commodity. I personally accept obsidian as payment for my products.

To Epicfiredude123
I personally accept iron as currency in my shop, but I don't accept gold as I have a gold farm. The problem with Iron and Gold being official currencies is that they are farmable. The prices of both are not stable in the long run. On the other hand, lapiz and diamond have to be mined, and the time it takes to mine them should remain constant. I am in the process of setting up my CommodityMarket account, which will allow players to sell their gold and iron for currency, and use that currency to buy stuff from shops.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
was without internet connection for 2 weeks so did not make many trades in January
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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