A new building idea and game balancing ideas
The mob arena an area that would spawn monsters during day and night so players may farm mobs during the day. also I've noticed that one civ has a ton of wonders in one city can you limit the number of wonders in a city next civcraft round.
Thanks for listening
The mob arena is already on my to-do list.
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also I came up with another building idea yesterday the dungeon which is a place where you can place rewards for killing outlaws to your civ and once an outlaw is killed he spawns inside the dungeon and rewards the player that killed him. The dungeon  will keep him there for 24 hours or what ever time amount you think is best
I feel that the auto build system isnt realy a realistic thing for this type of game and that players should build there own versions`of town halls, trommels or whatever.

to accomplish this instead of players doing /build trommel they do /buy Trommel and if they have enough money the things required for the building will apear in that chest, in the case of the trommel 1 deposit chest and 1 output chest, they place the chests down and can build their own structure around it, alowing more creativity  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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