New ideas for new civcraft age
Well a new civcraft age is coming up there are some new buildings I am hoping to see such as the mob arena but I have some building ideas and game balancing ideas that I just think would be cool to see in the game so here they are:
  • New building ideas
  1. The dungeon: the dungeon is a place where bounties are put on players heads it is also a place where outlaws, if killed are kept for 24 hours (or different amount compared to the level of the building. The building level could also desern if you could put bounties on civs which would make the game more interesting
  2. The factory: generates extra hammers from biomes but slows down culture growth it could also make tools and weapons for players
  3. The slime farm: spawns slimes
  4. School: generates extra beakers per cottage
  5. University: generates extra beakers per player and cottage in town
  6. Theme park: generates culture, happiness, and gives random trade resource buff
  7. Embassy: generates happiness per ally and peace but generates extra unhappiness if at war or hostile also it could also allow people to give technologies to one another
  8. Hospital: gives extra cottage coins and growth
  • New wonders
  1. Terra cotta army generates t1 t2 t3 and t4 resources double than the mob grinder
  • Game balancing ideas
  1. Only one wonder per city
  2. I've heard that civcraft anti cheat doesn't work a staff should be watching every fight in the war
  3. The return of vanilla gear
  4. Change the monument to a tile improvement
  5. camp dip
  • new commands
  1. civ research and building q so that players that don't play as much can start construction of a building in a designated order.
  2. civ log command showing what actions your civ has done in the past and who did it
I will probably be posting more ideas for the next civcraft age
Thanks for listening
i will start with your Balancing.
1. This is not needed, just war-destroy/capture them.
2. Anticheat is working fine for me.
3. We know the armor is bugged right now. We are working on it to get it fixed (might be fixed already).
4. why? you can only build one.
5. Camp diplomatics?

The new commands.
1. Good idea, we will talk about it.
2. I like this idea to. will talk about it.

New building ideas.
First of all let me say one thing, culture is already way to easy to get.
1. Might be a good idea.
2. Good idea, might only reduce culture growth of the town builded in.
3. Slimes do spawn in the server, just get a good slimechunk or swamp?
4. I think generating beakers per hour is better.
5. Also only per hour.
6. Like it, only not the random trade resource buff.
7. Like it, But giving Technologies won't be a that good idea.
8. Like it, But no Growth.

New Wonders.
1. Hmm i realy like this one, but it needs to be a expensive wonder than.
thanks for the reply biglooc my #1 on game balancing ideas I think is needed however because one civ once it gets a wonder becomes the richest in the game and therefore can build all the wonders and get t4 armor quicker than anyone else because well... their the richest. my #2 I was making a big deal about because well people can mod anticheat. #5 yes camp diplomatics I've thought about asking to make the crafting just a whole bunch of tokens of leadership so its a longer period in between the periods of players building civs so that there would be camp wars and alliances but this would not work without a idea ruins. ruins would be places that players take during wartime that if captured would give bread and tiered items.
thanks for listening

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