New Suggestions conquest victory idea
Hey all just wanted to list some new ideas
  • Fort: a building like a town hall exept has 4 arrow towers in the 4 chunk area, only defensive
    structures can be built in it has high upkeep + culture per war kill in Fort area.
  • More output chests with quarry and Fish hatchery.
  • rework of farm so that it works like the quarry and fish hatchery
  • Conquest victory idea: towns at beginning of game that are staff owned t1 t2 t3 t4 and t4 with Catalysts and once all staff towns are conquered by a civ the civ has to hold them another war time if they can hold them another war time then they win a conquest victory.
  • barbarians: staff that attack peaceful civs during wartime for one hour of it using t1 weapons and armor.
  • Ruins: places that you can attack during wartime that would give coins and t resources
  • Practice war: a fake war during wartime
Thanks for listening
oh and almost forgot custom templates that are player built and staff inspected it could bring some nice $$ to your server
As I've said many times, any player/group is welcome to build their own template set. Unfortunately, the last few that have been player built ended up incomplete (Viking, Haunted). Players are encouraged to claim several plots on creative to build a template set on.

As to your other suggestions:
Forts/Castles are in the list of suggestions already.
More Output chests are not going to be added to production structures
The Farm is going to stay as is for now. Vanilla Growth works best right now. I'll keep your suggestion in mind.
I've seen the "Capture Admin Civ" suggestion a few times. It is rather hard for me to pull off as I do not have the time to run and compete against players.
Barbarians would show up any time, as a random event, if we made them. It is already in the list of suggestions.
Practice wars are available on the Casual Server already.
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