The following people are part of an organization bent on destroying Zineon as a government.


I have removed everyone from the list but JimmyAteJohns, due to the excellent point that Remnant made that enlightened me.  I should not have the right to stop speaking out against the government.

However, JimmyAteJohns will stay because of many accounts of him griefing and killing.

DonaldJTrumpkin has been stripped of any government standing, due to the false accounts of supposed "dissenters."
You know something, The_Dickter? You're doing exactly what your little club talks about never doing. You called the damn post "Dissenters", and added in MCChocolate because he said he was neutral. What's next, am I going to be added for not liking you? Because frankly, I don't like you. You are both a coward, and a hipocrite. With that in regard, how much more pathetic could you be? Its disappointing to see such a system that could of went far be propagated by such idiots. So, if you want to send some goons to suppress my free opinion in A FUCKING DEMOCRACY, then be my guest. You, are a bitch, and I'm treating you as such. Feel free to come up with a witty comment below. It means nothing. Fuck you, and have a wonderful day.
Thanks Remnant. I'm surprised the desire for neutrality automatically makes one qualify for your KOS list, Trumpkin/Doc. As a new addition to this server I've been thoroughly enjoying the dynamic and community- having met a handful of awesome people already. Sadly, you are the exception as of this moment due to your actions. I'd probably be a little less loose with your list in the future- opting to leave it for active griefers of the server so it could retain its previous integrity. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into how you handle stuff though. To everyone else: looking forward to playing minecraft with you soon. Chad, if you read this, been wanting to meet you and talk some trade. One thing that drew me to this server were your economic postings.
Just wanted to clarify, I have no beef with Chad. He hasn't done anything wrong, and none of this can really be attributed back to him. If all of the government followed his system, things would be a lot better.
Ok, just to clear some things up.
The_Doctor856 didn't mean to put you on the dissenters list, MCChocolate. I'm sorry if you felt that you were wronged. Yesterday, there was a lot of fear and anger going around on both sides. This list was put up quickly, and I'm sorry if any wrong names were put up. This list was thrown up quickly with suspects, most who are actually guilty. I'm sorry if The_Doctor856 put up a wrong name, because he was confused. He just put up the names that were on the server, since everyone on seemed to be attacking him.
Remnant... you know that you were helping along. I saw you walking around with JimmyAteJohns and his goons, and you were obviously on his side. You were waving your sword and saying, "Hi Jimmy! Killing some innocent people today? Great!" You are an accomplice of the crime, and you were no bystander. If you have beef with the government, you have beef with ChadDX. ChadDX is an Admin, and all he wants is stability in the government. If you want to unstabilitize the government, ChadDX is against you.

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