DonaldJTrumpkin, bringer of light, and of mental retardation.
Well, its that time of day again fam. Your AMAZING government is so great, one of your members thinks he's god. Funny how that works. Also, fuck you, fuck you, a thousand times fuck you. I hate your government, I hate all of you, I want to strangle you and shit on your corpse. If I had the chance, I would serve you, roasted on a spit, to your family. I'm sure they would applaud me for erasing you off the surface of this earth you vile pieces of shit. You are nothing more than a few kids with a god complex, and a stoner. You managed to fuck over every person on the server with your pseudo-government, which is more like the Third Reich than a democracy. Your very presence makes me cringe, to unprecedented levels. Your president, is nothing more than a child in a shiny suit of armor. And lets be honest, we all know you have more favoritism than an american super PAC. You're all caught up in a terribly stupid idea that is your corrupted piece of trash, and its sad. I really do hope you die a painful death at the hands of  all the people you bother on a day to day basis. But anyways, here's some pictures of your little excuse for a citizen telling me he's god. For your viewing pleasure. If you don't like it, then go ram a rusty pipe up your ass and be done with it.

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Oh, im so sorry to interrupt, but must i remind you that you were creating lava casts at spawn? Killing DonaldJTrumpkin? Perhaps not. As our new Minister of Defense I would like to negotiate a treaty between the government of Zineon and your band of rebels. Please let me know. Also if you fail to agree to these terms, we will unfortunately have to kill you. Have a good day, Xenobyte73.
Hawt Doggo
Hello there, you pathetic garbage pile. Need I remind you of the fact that you renounced your government? What's that? I'm supposed to pretend like you aren't a double crossing fuckwit? Screw off. I'm not part of any "rebel group", either. I'm part of the "I don't like you and wish you weren't here group" See, its a lot different because, one, it isn't fucking stupid and RP cringe, and two, It gets bigger every time you, or any other dipshit government member opens their mouth. And on the subject of killing me or anyone else? You can't, because you don't have an army, you would start a bigger war, and its just plain stupid. Use that tiny brain and realize that you would make the situation worse by trying to interfere. Rather, listen to your damn citizens, the people that give you power, and make some changes.
Ok, Remnant, we get your point. You want an unstable government, and that's your own opinion. I don't really mind.
But you are going around wrecking the forums, acting like you can say whatever you like, lies or not. I would like to remind you that that putting actual death threats on people isn't conversational. Act like your age, and let other people play a game.

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