Poll: Should The_Doctor856 be Impeached?
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8 80.00%
2 20.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Citizen's Impeachment Request.
We, as a people, have a right to remove what we see as unfit. In times of duress such as this, we can, and will stand up against injustice. Therefore, as a fellow citizen of this nation, I declare that we must impeach that which is corrupted. The_Doctor856 claims to be a president, yet where and when has he proved this? He speaks empty words, and claims no responsibility for his subordinates, yes this is an integral part of his job. He cannot serve as a president, as he has shown nothing but weakness and a distaste for the government. Therefore, I say that we impeach him, as a people, for the people, and for a better server. You will not remove this, as if you do, you are admitting that you do not care for your people, and would silence their voice.
Messa vote yes!
Hawt Doggo
Voted in favor.
This is an unfair poll, as neither MCChocolate nor Remnant even recognize the government. Atar has no say over what the players do with their time on this server. JimmyAteJohns is already a merciless killer and documented griefer. Epicfiredude was forced to vote yes on this poll by JimmyAteJohns, who repeatedly killed him until he voted on this poll. No one here but Xenobyte has an official government standing and was not threatened or pressure into voting. Also Remnant, I have been president for a total of 7 DAYS! What have I done besides trying to stop griefers from destroying builds around spawn? What have I done to remove rights from the people? I became president because people VOTED for me! I speak no empty words, as I never have acted in my own interest. I have even refused to accept the compensation from Chad for becoming president, because I believe that no one should simply become president for the personal gain, but instead for the need and want to help make the server to be a fun place to play. That means, in mine and most minds, not having griefers every destroying builds all around spawn, killing government officials simply because you're bored, and trying make the government stable, not destroying it! These times of duress are straining the government, on how it is trying to create order out of anarchy. If you want true anarchy, play on 2b2t instead, because I want order. I have never forced my will on ANYONE by killing them over and over again. You say I show a distaste for government? Half of the people that voted for my impeachment don't even RECOGNIZE THE GOVERNMENT!!! We could sit down an talk about your problems, our problems, and work this out. We don't have to constantly fight at each other. DonaldTrumpForMC left because everyone refused to sit down and negotiate. I refuse to make the same mistakes.
So. You want to play that game, hm? Lets get a few things straight. I sure as hell do recognize your government, for what it is, that is. And what it is happens to be a pile of useless garbage. Second. Epicfiredude was not forced, he was informed of what was happening. Third. Empty words and doing things in your own part are not the same thing. This also ties together with your claim of protecting spawn and keeping things in order. You haven't done anything, that I can see, other than complain about it, and again, spew empty words. Thirdly, DonaldJTrumpkin had absolutely no intention, nor will ever have an intention, of ever negotiating anything. DonaldJTrumpkin does as he pleases, with no regard for others. He insults citizens, and just about every time someone joins in, he feels the need to start a fight. Fourthly. If you want true order, then why haven't you done something about the corruption and disorder in your own system, that needed no help from griefers to become that way. Not to mention, yes actually, MCChocolate does "recognize" the government. If you listened, you would realize that he is a neutrally aligned citizen. Next, Ataranlen and his vote are symbolic in the fact that he outranks you by a massive stretch, and is well liked. To say that he is essentially pointless and has no jurisdiction is to compare any celebrity to a rat. Even if it doesn't count for numbers, you should wake up and see that even the admin, who watches all of this, doesn't like your presidency. Not to mention the fact that the government is incredibly uncooperative in its efforts to do anything, constantly spouting nonsense about peace, yet not doing a single thing to facilitate it. You want a government, you work for it. And that work means putting in a lot more than a 10 minute visit a day, and a few friends in a facetime chat with one another. In other words, try harder. You haven't won the favor of anyone on the server, and all youve really done is stick to a miniscule niche that makes up your government. In other words, you are no better than any other "government" one might find in a third world country. You want to negotiate with me, then perhaps you should try speaking to me with your actual voice. Maybe then, you can actually get some points across, and, ahem, not hide behind a keyboard. Thank's for ruining my day off,

Hey it's jimmy you know that faggot who kills people at spawn.Well im starting my own government called the weeaboo fag lords and its welcome for most to join since we do not discriminate. as the leader of this new found cul.. i mean government i would like to state my people as natives of the earth who do not need to follow your rules because i got mystic bull shit powers on a online game.
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