Negotiations and Rebellions
This message is for all Citizens of Zineon, regardless of rank, age, gender, or anything that may discourage you from taking part in the government.
Over the past few weeks, there has been some disagreement over what's right for the citizens of Zineon, how the government should be overthrown, that the government is abusive of its power. Most of this is coming from several of the multitude of people who play Minetexas Anarchy. This message isn't about what I think, or the government thinks, or what the president thinks. It is about what the people believe in that will make them content while playing the game.
Recently, we have heard complaints from some griefers and killers, saying how the government should be overthrown and disbanded. Regardless that they are murdering innocent people at spawn, spawn killing over and over, and lava casting, views should be respected. I believe that the people of Zineon have the right to choose what they believe is best for them and their fellow citizens.
Regarding this 'rebellion' of griefers and killers, most of them you know by now. _Remnant_, JimmyAteJohns, Pixiemachine, and Twenty_One_Tragedies all oppose this government that has stood so long and protected the people. They wish to get rid of it, install a communism that will grant their group power over all people. They wish to encourage killing those who oppose them, cruelly spawn killing innocents until they don't even wish to play anymore, and lava casting and griefing spawn.
What is the Government doing about this? We are sending our best soldiers to fight in the front lines, our best people who selflessly sacrifice themselves to bring down these spawn killers from killing innocents and newbies, from killing those who don't need to be killed. Needless to say, though, we are negotiating with these people, in hopes that we will succeed in bringing peace and freedom among the citizens of Zineon. We fight for the people to protect the people. Our goal is to make Zineon citizens content.
It is up to you, citizens of Zineon, 'Do you support this movement? Do you support these acts of terrorism that threatens your safety, claiming that it is for a greater cause? Or do you oppose it?'
I believe that you can choose whatever you want, as long as it is what you think it right.

If you want to help, join the Military - the last standing defense against the very people that want to bring peace and order to ashes, who want to disband the KOS list so killers and griefers go unpunished. There is a free set of god armor for anyone who decides to fight for a better future, who wishes to take down these killers and who is willing to fight. An elite team of soldiers already being formed who's main purpose is to fight for our future. Join if you wish, though it is not necessary... there is no price to pay.
I thoroughly enjoy how well you have spun propaganda in favor of yourself. You claim that I, or anyone else, wishes to institute a system of communism. You lie to the point where I genuinely feel that you would fit right in with any SS officer back in WWII. Essentially, this is what has really happened. Because of the fact that one, no one actually cares about your government or even notices it, which is to say the people you are pretending exist, and two, this is all lies, I'll elaborate on the situation. Because I enjoy a good round of pretend every now and then, but feel like I should keep this grounded in reality, the truth is, there is no one to stand up for. There are no people to rally, there is no elite group, and there is no citizenship. There are only a few people who exist as their own idea of a "government", and the rest of the population. There are no military groups, there is no negotiations, and there is no change. I personally had to solve these issues myself, using actual negotiation. So far, I already brokered a treaty with the head of the military, to cease protest in exchange for a cease-fire. But because of DonaldJTrumpkin's lack of knowledge, and The_Doctor856's hatred of any constructive criticism, I cannot solve these issues as I would like to, diplomatically. The only person hard at work on fixing a broken government, is ChadDX, also known as CommodityMarket, among other things. He has proven time and time again that he can recognize a problem, and fix it. He is the only person who deserves respect, and the only person who has any real authority. The man who stands for the people ,as a whole, is he who should be heralded as a hero. The two men who believe themselves to be above the community deserve nothing. Not pity, not anger, nothing. They are but fools, trapped in a web of their own creation. To give them attention is to doom what could be a thriving system. I look forward to seeing the day when they are removed from office, and Chad has brought back a peaceful system. And in regards to how this sounds like a hypocritical bit of propaganda, This is simply my personal opinions and observations. These opinions are for the most part generally shared by the general populace, and I continue to act as a speaking piece for those people who wish not to be persecuted by the government that swore to protect its citizens. And with that, I give you an open invitation, members of this government. If you wish to hear negotiations, then you will hear exactly what you have done wrong, and how you can change and fix it. I have already repeated this to you numerous times, and you always act with aggression. If, when he time comes for you to handle this issue like real leaders you act in anger, then you have shamed yourself, and the position you claim to uphold. Good day, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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