New KOS/Issues/Concerns List!
(03-07-2016, 02:11 PM)taters69 Wrote:
(03-07-2016, 01:26 PM)Xenobyte73 Wrote:
(03-07-2016, 08:06 AM)taters69 Wrote: Xeno, God bows are not difficult to make, it take a single skeleton spawner to produce said bows, and the extra armour and XP are gravy. Either you placed to much trust in your friend, EpicFireDude, or maybe you did the same exact thing you did last time your base was found and fucking annihilated. Maybe making bases along the nether road was not the best way to go, and you should probably make your base further than 1000 blocks out. ASP is perhaps the best group, considering that it is the only group after you fearlessly destroyed the government from within, and the fact that you are putting the blame 95% of the people that play here shows that you have become delusional and a threat to society. Therefore, I will be making an official ASP KOS list, will think of some sweet ass acronym for it, and will place you at the number one spot for a reward of one stack of apples.

May Uranus, the Almighty, wipe your buttocks clean after a hardy release of feces during infantile stage of development
Well, the question is how did you know that my base was located along the nether highway? And that it was 1000 blocks awaY. Seems to me that you were the fuck who destroyed it. And quite honestly i dont give a thousand shits of me being on your "ASP KOS list". Stuff a potato up ur mums ass.
Holy shit Xeno, that was a guess. I was exaggerating that. You actually had a base only 1000 blocks out on the nether highway? Anyone could have found your base.
It was further than 1000 blocks.

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