This thread is for astronauts and denizens of our server to share images related to our pursuit of the unknown. Anything from found server-based propaganda to projects at various stages should be documented and shared with the community at large. 

To inaugurate this medium for archiving the Space Program and its fuckery, here is a screenshot of ASP's first prototype spaceship. Since the dark ages in which it was manifested, we have progressed by leaps and bounds, mainly in regard to a documented lack of carriage for our astronauts and the fuselage's predominately wool composition led to instant immolation following Stage 2 booster rocket ignition.            

As the years go by, many projects have come and gone. Some have achieved their purpose, others have crashed and burned. However, the number on reason that will make or break a foundation is it's monetary worth. With this, I have constructed a new side-project, as a token of gratitude towards the fine astronauts, astrophysicists, and potato farmers. I present to you..

(Cultivation under nautical tact)
               With this assignment, we will authorize a COMPLETE new way of farming and cultivating Solanum tuberosum, in hopes that doing so will assure our vast dream of one day cultivating the Red Marble. Details of this mission is under close guard, and will be shared between the highest ranks of ASP personnel.

Enclosed is a documented, 100% authentic product of project CUNT.

love, taters69

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We look forward to you and your FAGS using CUNT to help ASP achieve specific objectives in the near and far future. It sounds like CUNT has the right technology to provide massive breakthroughs in propulsion quality hyper tuberous generation. ASP promises to expedite the assimilation of your production methodology into the framework of our current infrastructure. As far as CUNT clearance is concerned, we believe you are correct in limiting the dissemination of proprietary practices and intellectual property below 72nd level members for the rightfully apt concern of misappropriation. God forbid a filthy civcrafter gets their sticky hands on quantum spud refinement. We'll be in touch. May Uranus be ever vigilant and gracious.

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