Poll: Spawn shrink
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Yes, spawn should be smaller
3 37.50%
No, Taters is gay as hell
5 62.50%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Spawn shrink
This is the most important aspect of anarchy aspect. Should spawn protection be shortened? Vote now
Most people know I'm pretty much against protection (can ask any of my ex's or my 8 bastard children) but I think Atar hit the sweet spot (g-spot) in terms of protected area directly around spawn. Thankfully players can be killed instantly upon spawning still but as far as construction- there needs to be at least that size area blocked from our cocks so we don't make an obsidian cage around spawn and break the wills of everyone trying to join the community- or any of us who prefer not to be trapped all the time.

tl;dr Spawn is good and looks pretty sexy right now.

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