Sand Towers (-200 -200)
Sand Towers is the latest City to be constructed near spawn. I terraformed the land and built roads, but aside from that it's a free area and I encourage anyone to build there.

Coords are (-200, -200)

I was originally going to post the information and screenshots after the first griefing, but it's been almost 4 weeks now and no-one has rekt it, so I'm going to go ahead and post stuff now.

A group did actually come to "raid" the place thinking it was an ASP base but actually it's a communal build and the stuff that's left in the chests is welcome to be taken by anyone. Personally I'm pretty glad they made a video as in the future, Sand Towers will be griefed beyond repair so at least this way there is a nice record of it.
Their video is here:

Builders so far:

[Image: TjtWMTL.png]
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[Image: MRksMwi.jpg?2]
[Image: ID6dhZ2.jpg?1]
[Image: Irrv2Ec.jpg?1]
[Image: gk04gDH.jpg]
[Image: UDH1aGS.jpg]
[Image: nAeSee5.jpg]
[Image: kB8KPUi.jpg]
[Image: QLfLSSd.jpg]
[Image: jDGwabS.jpg]
[Image: 1JRMwKI.jpg]
[Image: olPNGJk.png]
[Image: 4yCDaLl.png]
[Image: RbpL4Ph.png]
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Very stunning pictures. Reminds me of the spawn from last year. 
Hawt Doggo
The Pirates have moved in and drowned Chad!
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[Image: mgoqZnd.jpg]
[Image: NJk90q7.jpg]
[Image: 63Lqx0l.jpg]
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There were reports that a flint and steel was left lying around, and unfortunately later on there was a fire on the pirate ship. Damage is extensive.

[Image: iDyxopj.jpg]Crew have taken shelter ashore, and look like they're going to be here for a while
[Image: YDXpSel.jpg]
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Sand Towers has been griefed, and by more than one person.

The first person (possibly 2 ppl) removed the first 2 blocks of every tower so that they looked as if they were floating. Signs were placed saying "The Trees are coming" and "save the planet", and trees were starting to be placed on the buildings. The slab lines down the middle of the road were changed to wooden planks.

Before this grief could be finished (and before i got pics) someone else came in and completely lavacasted the whole city beyond repair.
[Image: QVqd9l5.jpg]
[Image: Kxc3sai.jpg]
[Image: UFChXru.jpg]
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Damn, that sucks. I'm guessing that it was probably the ASP (McChocolate or nickster) or the "barbarians" at spawn. All of your hard work and effort has been reduced to nothing. I actually liked Sand Towers.
Hawt Doggo
Hey... i'll make sure the ruins look good, and I very much doubt ASP griefed it

edit: made a start
[Image: OYH9Oo2.jpg]
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