Official Monthly Spawn Render Thread [Suspended]
Yes :-)

When are you able to play again? It's been awhile.

Want to base together in the forums?
We could cover this place with shitposts so new players have trouble getting back into the game. You could head up Operation Maintain Most Recent Reply. We'll need consistent post bombings, hopefully covering as many sections as possible. Preferably meaningless so they have nothing to chew on as they parkour towards a supposed distant oasis. We need a steady supply of traps, stuff that once triggered by our victims immediately prompts a form of apathy articulated in such ways as "Did that need to be said?" or "Why?".

Now we're both offtrack. Goddamn't Rem.
The above comment was in reply to Remnant lol.

Atar, that'd be great. Not even kidding. Myself and possibly another couple dorks would order a poster or something that brings MineTexas Anarchy into the meatspace with some classy fandom/nostalgia. Currently the picking are a bit slim. High-res spawn render = panty dropper.
I'll be back on August 8th. Also, I'll take command of General Anarchy. When I'm done, there will be so many shitposts, you'll think this was a sewage treatment forum.
Looking forward to the upcoming e-scrapbook of a boy coming-of-age online. Your shitposts are like 2016's crap version of The Truman Show. The adolescent rage is strong with this one. But for real -> Though I dig at you from time to time, I do think you have a natural gift in regard to writing. I'd vote for you to parody/lampoon/fictionally slander in a fan-fic manner different personalities on the server. Reference the bit you did about Taters and I, some coked up drunken debauchery, maybe a dead hooker and a shadowy figure. It was well done.Release (after drafting yourself) warsoilder's private diary from his last days as Emperor Soilshimself. Imagine a world where Chad actively funded terrorists to grief any non-SBC builds or where he's every account on the server besides yourself. Freeze the moment between a new player logging in and as their screen loads revealing a flash of fire and their health bar plummeting. Explore their thoughts- or the rollercoaster of emotion from spawnkill 1-100. It would be entertaining and I'm much too lazy to bring that idea to fruition. Could be similar to 2b2t's Judge Holden comics in literary form.
That, is the best idea I have heard all day. I am totally going to do that now. Beats sitting around eating mangos, that's for sure.
I'll periodically add writing prompts.
Here's one fueled by minor sleep deprivation and Domino's pizza:
Imagine Xeno and Epic as alts of the same 67 year old man bucketlist pursuing his doctorate in sociology writing a thesis exploring the interplay of children on the Net in an uncontrollable environment during the early 21st century. He has been roleplaying the dynamic between self-imploding personalities on various sandbox platforms. A recent widower, his wife's account, "Minoxio", is now managed by a prototype AI that is programmed to achieve lasting relevance. Due to bugs in the system, the "Minoxio" bot can no longer interact with the environment and an incorrect coding segment during a sneeze led to the program inappropriately requesting votes from the playerbase at an unusually high rate.
Well, the story I'm working on that works off the Chad story, is titled "Invasion of the Britfags", it's sort of going off of invasion of the pod people, but it should be interesting to see how I can apply that to Chad. Should be fun.
Hi Atar please can you do another render this monday?
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
[Image: 9JNJspr.jpg]

Here's this month's render
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Hi Atar can we get another render please? There's some awesome lavacasts at Spawn City
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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