Official Monthly Spawn Render Thread [Suspended]
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Hang on: we've been relying on Atar to provide us these renders because you need access to the save file to create them... but isn't it possible to take a world download of an area as a player?

I mean... we know it is, so my question is; is it possible for us to make spawn renders ourselves with world downloads from spawn?

I've never made a world download myself
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I have a copy of the regions I need to render, but because it is from 1.13, I can't seem to get it to work with Chunky, the render tool I was using.
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(05-19-2016, 03:30 PM)ataranlen Wrote:

Here are some of the renders I started yesterday morning. I plan to do a new one of these (covering the same area) every month or so.

Edit: Here's an album of all the monthly renders: As new ones are done, they will be added to this album.

do more renders bruh
Any news on a working render program for 1.13.1?

Also might be worth pulling the files again as there have been A LOT of changes especially with lavacast removal
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