I plan to drastically expand the nethertunnels and post a brilliant map on this thread.

I have no current plans to change the netherhub itself

The original Netherhub 
[Image: x0LpMlX.jpg]

Current netherhub
[Image: MynA7cM.jpg]
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Current plan is to make portals every 200 blocks in the nether in a grid, all the way up to 3000.

This will translate to overworld portals every 1600 blocks up to 24000

I plan to make a map showing where the biomes are
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
The__Toe suggested portals every 125 blocks (every 1k overworld)

Sounds like a better idea to me

Edit: We will place portals on the right as you're moving away from spawn
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Well... quite a significant change has happened!

Atar has shifted the netherhub up a few blocks so that it makes it very easy to get up onto the netherroof. Also the actual hub itself is protected, but the blocks below it aren't.

This does make it very easy to make portals in a grid every 125 blocks. It doesn't change my plan to make tunnels in the nether tho, as you can't travel from an overworld portal directly to a nether portal above the nether, so the tunnels will allow you to travel around bypassing spawn

[Image: fV5Q0mO.jpg]
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
So update:

Netherroof is disabled to stop lag problems

Netherrack around the hub spawn has been blown up a lot

Still haven't got round to making a grid of portals

I did make a random trade room tho:
[Image: nether_trade_room_2.jpg]
(I assume it's gone now)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
kek SBC in heart, chad, we all respect this
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Kek, I hope that wood doesn't catch fire.

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