New anarchy promotion text
The best anarchy server ever
Absolutely no rules, and an awesome community.

No World Border
The world is the maximum size possible (60 million blocks wide)

Never ending world
4 years old and no resets. This server is in no danger of being removed as it's part of a bigger network.

No pay to win
Donators get access to visual benefits only, such as particle effects as they walk, or a "+" before their name in chat. There are no intrusive mods that can TP in and kill you like on other anarchy servers.

No gameplay affecting plugins
Well there's one: /spawn teleports you to spawn (you keep your items)

Vanilla Trading
Players often trade with each other at spawn using diamonds or emeralds as currency. To get back to their bed they use the End portal

Anonymous greentext messages
Any player can type /me before their message to send it anonymously and in green

99+% uptime
Our admin is ultra quick to fix any problems. In the rare event that the anarchy server goes offline, we jump onto the arena or hardcore servers which are on the same network.

Fraternity System
We don't have factions- we have fraternities, which get their own custom badge after their name, official subform, and private chat channel.

Official Forums
We have a well used forum where we post pictures of builds, maintain kill on sight lists, post information, and generally joke around. There is also an official teamspeak channel for those who like to chat whilst they play. Current fraternities include The Empire, ASP, and SBC

Regular Renders of spawn area
Our admin regularly posts renders of the area around spawn (area is 1k blocks wide) so we can see how the server changes over time
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Alright... This Rusher thing has started to die down and all those younger than 18 are back at school. Player base has risen huge amounts over this period (at least 400% rise) but now the server has reached another state of balance.

In the end, my promotional posts on other forum websites didn't have much affect on the playerbase growth given the huge scale of rusher fans (and 2b2t refugees) googling "minecraft anarchy" and seeing minetexas as the first result (now #2). More quality forum posts will improve our standing with google search however.

So, I feel it is time to catch this wave by making more posts about the awesomeness of our server on respectable/mature minecraft forums. I will not be promoting on sites that ensure a quick boost like reddit, I am making posts that will hopefully be seen by players who will become regulars and add to this server over the coming years.

I will work on an updated promotional text and post it on this thread shortly
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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