Official War Thread 2016
It has come to my attention that war has started. From the depths of 2b2t, Rushers have been pouring into our home. This is due mainly because of the space 2b2t is lacking in players. As the honoured veterans from 2b2t, we also need to defend our home. Since I was previously the Minister of Defense in the Government of Zineon, I am declaring war on the TheCampingRusher and his fans. We need to take immediate action to slay all rushers who enter the server. I suggest some players defend spawn, 0,0, nether spawn, end spawn, and the end portal. We need to unite the ASP, the Empire, the SBC, the Hunters, to help secure the server. Take no mercy on these rushers. I've known that some of them leak fake coords into chat, so don't be tricked into following those coords. Our goal is to defend and protect. They will ruin our historic buildings and our monuments. May Atar be with us all.

Hawt Doggo
I am sorry but The Empire will not be able to help as a whole but you may take our online players.
All Imperial activities have been ceased.
uuuh count SBC out... we are a neutral fraternity and consider killing people on a case by case basis. Sure... if a particular new player deserves being killed then we will do it, but we're not going to attack all new players just because they are new.
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