Forum Suggestion: Many Things
1. I've worked with many  IPB forums and communities in these past years and find that adding a shoutbox is a fun way to spread info quick or to just chat around with online forum members.
I've used this on a couple forums and it seems to work perfectly (Google for more updated versions of this?)
2. Add an Introductions and Farewells section: This will be a section to introduce yourself to others, or to say goodbye.
3. I would recommend giving the forum a more professional artistic design to match the main website(I realize the forums are new just something small to make them even better!)
I can come up with many more once the forum starts to grow, as for now these are some vital options for the forum that I believe will make it more enjoyable.

I'm so glad that we're trying the forums again I think it is an ideal thing for a community to come closer together!
Edit: relized these forums are myBB which is actually very much the same to the incision software boards but here is a shoutbox for mybb
[Image: LzwHy0X.gif]
I won't be adding a shoutbox/chatbox. Too much potential for abuse.

I've already created the Intro/Farewell forum.

A theme is in the works already. There's a lot of work I have to do on it, still.

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Looks awesome great work man!
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