Allies vs Axis
I know i'm taking this too far. But its needed. We call ourselves the Allied powers, fighting Patrol. The Allied powers include Hybrid, TDK, GranAsti, and Meme Team. Anyone who hasn't joined, reply to this post why you want to join and why you want to fight. Also, craft our Banner:

(Banner is not affiliated with any Faternity, only showing the Allied powers).
Hawt Doggo
We are in, most of the ones who are fighting patrol are pussies, I will be back from vacation and with my friends in a week so I will be able to bring powerful players back into the game,
TDK isn't pussies lmfao, we have made patrol run from us every time we have fought them and we have searched 30k worth of portals in the nether for their base
I said MOST, I did not include you. I appreciate your braveness

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