The Restoration of the Spawn and Roads aka #Makespawngreatagain
Hello my name is Nathan_D999 and I am a current member of TDK, although I am only a few weeks old on the server I am now known by most people and are a likeable trustworthy guy.

But anyways I have been working on restoring the spawn roads since the recent removal of all cobble from spawn, I am only looking for help and people to help me with getting stone bricks and stone slabs.
I have currently fixed the north and south paths almost fully for a couple hundred blocks and have done a bit of work on the west path and have started making the east from scratch since there was no path to repair there.

Let me know your thoughts on me and my project in the comments and I'll post again soon and keep you guys updated!
Nice work Nathan, next time I'm on I'll help you a little and hook you up with some supplies
Atar if you are reading this I appertiate your help with the spawn roads but I will kindly ask to leave the building and maintenance of the spawn roads to the people of the server to do in survival

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