Why I won't be playing on your server.

so I'm a long time CivCraft player. In fact I've played since the first game on Shotbow. Over 2 years of nearly constant Civcraft playing. I've played on good servers and I've played on bad. Yours is bad.

Really bad.

First I should say that I've sort of retired from CivCraft. The only reason I started this Civ was because my little nephew wanted to play Minecraft with me and I thought a really casual game of CivCraft might be a nice way to spend virtual time with him. Truth is though it's a bit too complex for him and so he was bored to tears. Making it really easy for me to walk away.

Which I was invited to do by your staff at the merest hint of criticism/questioning.

So because I'm such a nice and helpful guy I'll let you know what you are doing wrong and why your player base won't be growing for much longer (and will probably die out instead of reaching the great heights you had hoped for).

You've started to get a growing playerbase. You've got 20-40 people playing on your server at any given time. You've even got international players playing. Awesome.
This is an absolutely critical time for community management. And it's also where most servers fall flat on their faces. And it's where you are tripping up as well.

I logged in today to discover that the enlightenment had been started. Since the server was pretty young I was surprised to see win conditions on display so soon.
When I asked about it the owner and two "supermods" were all on line talking to other people but the best I could get were replies from people who clearly didn't understand the game very much. After repeated attempts to get an answer I was told that the staff had a civ, that they had researched the entire tech tree, built the great library, and had initiated the enlightenment (a game ending win condition).

Wow. I've seen this before with staff clearly outpacing the playerbase but I've honestly never seen such a blatent abuse. The very fact that all this has happened is bad. It's disheartening to the players. It builds mistrust. And it goes back to my strong feeling that staff should never be allowed to play the game. Something that the game's creator has finally been convinced of as well (see his notes on the upcoming CivCraft 2.0 at civilizationcraft.net for more).

Then there is a mod using creative to generate items during a livestream. I didn't even witness this but it was such a big deal among players that others told me about it. Not good.

And then there's the attitude. When I was told that the staff had used AD PERM to delete the Great Library which left the win conditions in place I called it what it was. User error. Yes it's a bug. But it's a bug created by the staff not knowing the proper way to do what they wanted to do.

It's nice that they wanted to let everyone know that they weren't trying to win (after they pretty much had already won). But if they wanted to remove the win conditions and the Great Library properly they should have created another staff civ. Then war declared against it. Had that civ destroy the great library during war and then disbanded both civs. That should have gotten rid of the win conditions with minimal impact to the server.

When I expressed these thoughts to a staff member that obviously already had his/her back up over other player complaints I was told "Rob if you aren't enjoying your time here on this server I invite you to leave."


So the solution to minor criticism is to politely tell your players to go somewhere else. What's funny is I was not even offering much criticism. Yes I said I believed it a mistake to let staff play the game but I always say that. My comments on the proper way to remove a wonder came from my desire to help/educate the staff members and from my own experience as a CivCraft admin/gameplay dev.

So this is directed at the server owner. You have a problem. You can dig your heels in and let it fester or you can roll your sleeves up and try and fix it. That's up to you. For me. I'm out. Good luck.
Mr Rob,

Thanks for taking the time to write out your thoughts on the server. Most people when they get offended tend to leave and never say why they left. I really appreciate that you felt the need to voice your concerns about the MineTexas Civcraft community.

You're very right, we are a new community that is hitting it's spark. We've clearly done some things right to get to this point, but at the same time we seem to have made some enemies as well. These are not limited to the Gang who keeps DDoSing our server, but also include some users who decided they could one-up us with their own short lived servers.

I take full responsibility for the mix up with the wonder. I was actually the one who deleted it using admin commands. I knew it would cause a problem to just delete the wonder. I've been in the process of fixing the actual bugs in the code that cause the victory condition to not go away. Our war time was not for several days, and changing it to right then might have caused some issues that go beyond a victory condition showing up for a little bit. On top of that, as far as I can tell, victory conditions still won't update without a server reboot anyways, even if changed during war time.

I saw the conversation happen in the console and I understand you feel the way you were shown the door simply for offering advice was inappropriate. I'll be speaking to the staff about that, as I certainly don't want to be pushing great players away.

And for How the wonder got built in the first place, I'm still going to investigate this. I do not think that admin commands or creative abilities were used in the quick ascension of the the CoreEmpire Civilization, but if they were appropriate actions will be taken.

On the spawning in of buildings on a stream, CoreEmpire built a set of custom templates for Civcraft. The structures built and shown off on the stream were subsequently destroyed.

If you have any additional suggestions, I would love to hear them.

In case you miss this, I'm dropping it in an email as well.
Also, did you see Aloy last Age? He gave away a stack of emeralds to whoever voted for CoreEmpire.

Sounds a bit far fetched.
Hey rob its been along time,

I may have joined the server later in its development than you and these problems may all be fixed now. i know they probably have nearing 100 players now.

Since we last met i have started my own civcraft server. It has really shown me how hard it is to run (will like to highlight we did alright had around 40 players).

Although atar is no where near the perfect owner i cant help but believe hes the type of owner you asked netizen to be. hes learning but unlike netizen he focuses mainly on what the server demands and not his own plans. (not to knock netizen who is an amazing dev not so amazing admin).

Its a shame i wont see you play on this server. I would love to have u join my civ even as a mess around player (negative happiness effect worth it).

but i would say come back and have a look

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