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The hilarious concept of authority by simply having a title given to you by another person is amazing to me. They become the Duke of The Broom Closet, that one a Baron of the Backyard. And what does it really amount to? Nothing. If anything, the only thing worse than being given a useless title is giving YOURSELF a useless title. now, since this is a klean kosher kommunity, and the laws presented stop me from speaking directly about anything, the "people" (IE: The nonexistent people watching this thread) are going to have to use their guessing abilities to figure this one out. See, power is denoted through digital shekels shoved in the moneyhole of your local deity. By offering up this jew gold, you buy yourself a ticket of recognition. With it, even the braindead leper in the gutter becomes "powerful". "But what's the issue in giving the less fortunate individuals on a server the ability to gain recognition?" You ask. The issue is simple: inflation. Titles can be equated to a form of "stock" on the server. These stocks gain value through the company, or fraternity, that they operate under, and can then be sold(by giving out the title membership to individuals) or bought (through value of services performed). The issue however, holds close to the problems presented in the real stock market. ANY individual, given time, can produce a stock, which is then added to the vast majority of other stocks already present. In the stock market, an overdependence on the value of a stock, can lead to collapse. A slight balancing measure is the prescence of a tangible value that can denote the current worth of the stock. However, our version of stocks has no such countermeasure, as such a feat on a server with little modification, is near impossible. Therefore, with no actual measure of value, all value can be determined by how much a group can bluff and perform superficial acts to denote a sort of tribal power. The issue comes with the fact that, eventually, the sheer amount of factions being created and left to rot, will implode the current system and leave anarchy (no pun intended) in its place. It is a problem not easily solved, as the server is slowly degrading into little more than EULA compliant factions, minus a few more visible plugins, as a result of growth. With any system of power, an influx of growth to population or resources leads to the inevitable outsource and increase of control and systems in place. Hence, by creating more and more systems and organization in an attempt to prompt control and stimulation of a growing population, you paradoxically create instability by way of order. Like ancient Rome, the system will eventually become bloated and corrupt, and will collapse completely. There is however, a realistic proposal to this problem, something that should technically exist within a server that denotes itself as anarchy. Let an organic cycle of growth and withering, progress and decay, exist independent of outside influence. If you can minimize the influence and changes you create, you maximize a feasible stability.

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