Lessons from the Patrol Incursion.
The Patrol Incursion into spawn, led by ShdySill, lasted just 4 days before they were halted by the almighty in their wicked deeds, and although these two days might seem irrelevant overall, the Patrol terrorist group, as one might be justified in calling them, mean something a whole lot more to the server, in particular, our treatment of the new arrivals.

The fear of Patrol was, first, in their invincibility. As suspected, and later more obvious, ShdySill used backdoored gear to destroy all his enemies, he could one-hit a P4 set, he could not lose a heart from the onslaught of all 11 members of the Alliance against him. But far more dangerous was his hatred for the establishment. As he said, he swore to kill all of those in frats and all of those not, so as to destroy the core of the Community, and this did indeed cause repercussions in the Establishment, but not in the way he intended. Frats all over feared him, and feared going to spawn for that reason, because he, unlike any other spawn killer, bared no heed to someones status or alliance.

To be honest, his fears had much ground. We have a very basic feudal political structure, with the new fag peasantry and the Fraternatrated elite. Within that elite, there may be wars, and squabbles, but by and large, the elite fight solely against the peasantry, and leaves their own kind in peace. Richer players may come and go through spawn as they wish, but new players are oppressed and abused by a political structure against them.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the new spawns hate their overlords. In some cases, they might escape spawn, make friends, make money, and be invited to a frat, which they would graciously accept. In most cases though, they will not be invited to a frat, and will fight back. Of those, most will fail, and leave eventually. But one in ten of the new players might actually make it. Get a good base, maybe some loot, craft god armour, and then having never been part of the frat system, and hating it, will turn on older players, like Patrol did, and start killing in vengeance. In the case of Patrol, their backdoored gear made them especially dangerous, but even in a normal case, a good PVP can make a decent stand and perhaps take down some well-known players. Needless to say, inconsiderate murder at spawn is bad, cutting off trade, movement, and the vital end portal.

So how can we address this problem? The solution isn't one of killing more players more often. What we should do is try and integrate all players into the frat system after a time. Pie is a good example of a player who has profited out of this, getting a newfag slave he indoctrinated to mine obsidian far below the market price. We can profit out of new players by integrating them into the frat system, and still keep the server at its pseudo-peace like it should be, and do this only by letting a few more players into our frats, which I would thoroughly recommend doing.
I can see the economy rising up, while god sets can be sold for 90dia/set once again. We could profit from these new players, and use them to our advantage.
Hawt Doggo
"backdoored gear" "Integrate new players"

This is, far and away, the most retarded thing I've heard on this server, forums and game chat included. You are proof positive of the degeneracy Rusher's spillover has caused.
Not going to lie, I can see so many issues with this, that it isn't funny. Elitist societies based on feudalism are inherently idiotic, because anyone can claim elitism by simply creating.a group themselves. Backdoored gear, as you put it, is also idiotic, as it came down to killaura and gapples, not magic gear with "backdoored" abilities. After that, the individuals labeled "terrorists" did nothing wrong. Being attacked and killed, and slandered, by EVERYONE, including the OP, was stupid. You would do the same, and its impossible to deny that. Meanwhile, I did something that actually made sense. When I gained information from GranAsti, and realized the intentions of Patrol, I attempted to befriend them, somewhat successfully. Lesson here is, don't be elitist faggots, and don't pretend like skill is cheating.
Don't get me wrong. I don't like patrol, but as for them using "backdoored gear" and one shoting people with God gear lel. OP obviously never PvPed patrol. They had regular god gear and a good pvp client. And to study's credit he is a decent pvper. I had fights with them lasting until armour popped. They had no backdoor assistance.
The entire issue here is that the "resistance" was more or less the bad guys in this situation. They kept people under a bootheel by never letting them have the chance to befriend them, and when the playing field for armor and weapons was leveled, they lost fair and square. Rather than pick over fake details (which BTW are not getting included into the historical archives as fact), focus on the elitism and get rid of it. Let people play, kill the idiots who actually deserve to die, not just everyone you feel like killing.
Oh yes, and another thing with the "vets", not that most of these people even deserve that title or qualify for it, is this propoganda you keep trying to spread. Over glorifying yourselves by making the enemy seem insurmountable is both pathetic, and self-destructive. You focus on the truth, and that's it. Otherwise, your legacy is one stained with your own lies, lies that eventually come back to bite you.

EDIT: I am allowed by simple reason, to speak my opinion. If you take that as a threat or an act of aggression, then you would be wrong. Speaking my piece does not equate to attacking someone, and you will pay that same level of respect to me.
Lmfao this just proves how little you know. First, I wouldn't go as far as stating it was an incursion, it wasn't. Secondly, the Backdoor was a lie, atar looked for one and found nothing. Third, who the fuck did they supposedly one shot with a sword? Sure they were as spawn but it was not even that big of a deal cuz that's not the only way to get back home. And why do you act like you did such a big role to fight them when I don't think you even pvp'd them once. Stop being a forum warrior and actually do something in game for once.

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