My Big Ideas.
Ok let me first say this. This is my first Forum post so I am not good with the whole explaining shit. Ok many of you that are reading this are most likely "Veterans". I have been on the server for almost 2 months but in those two months ALOT has happened. The whole Patrol deal happened unfortanately while I was gone. But what I am asking all of the "Veterans" on the server to just be at some what peace. Of course on this server there will be never, any, complete peace. BUT we can do the best we can. We can all unite and make great things for the community. For example what if there was a MASSIVE Enderman Xp farm that we all worked on together. It would be so much easier to do the things that are hard to do as a small team. Instead of grinding for 20 minutes for 30 lvls if we made a big enough one we could get that in 1-2 minutes. This obviously is a surprise for me even mentioning this type of thing to you guys. But we could do it. These cords will be spread between top players, and frats. Now not all of you will want to join in. That's Understood. But if you like the idea of this, reply to this post. Tell me what u think is wrong with my idea or what u like. I would pay for a new badge if enough people would help. You  wouldn't leave your current frat. Just wear the badge and talk in the chat if u have ideas and get maybe even someone you thought was an enemy to help you. This is a chance to make new friends. New base buds. So what do you think. If at least about 5 people would even help or think of joining I will buy the frat badge and make the banners. If you see the banner when its completed on a build you should know not to grief it. The banner means its a community build. So use it instead of griefing it. Alright, Enough of my rambling. Msg me in game or reply down below to talk about this.
Thanks for reading,
Too paranoid to remotely consider that of ever being a possibility.

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