MineTexas 2: Electric Dupealoo
I said something stupid because I was temporarily afflicted with severe levels of saltiness, more so than even the Dead Sea. In place of what this post previously said, have a Hank Hill qoute instead.

"The only time your fingernails should be black, is if you hit them with a hammer by mistake"

PS: I didn't do this to cover anything up. I more or less feel bad about insulting a relatively good group, and don't want a bad message to linger.
i mean, the dupers gain... i'm sure that almost everyone who duped is happy about the situation. plus a lot of players are recent and are probably pleased that they are richer than some regulars who have played on the server for over half of its history. The long time players are of course a bit dis-heartened that after all the time they put into this server, are equal in wealth to players who joined last month.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
I'm not quite sure why you chose to spotlight ASP in your emotionally charged rant but as far as groups of individuals to gain in funny little pixels, we didn't change much at all. We were already setup, due to a combination of having taken advantage of pre 1.10 changes, focus on mining and development of self-sustaining production, outright theft, and intelligent trading. Plus some of us are no-life's that commit obscene amounts of time to this block gameWink As a percentage of previous e-wealth to post-dupe window holdings, the recent surge of players have had a completely different experience more akin to what you apparently loathe. Contrary to your viewpoint, good for them. Fuck it- if that's how they want to play the game- so be it. This is "Anarchy" after all. In the true spirit of that, no one can impress their own specific playing style onto the community. Minecraft is enjoyed in many, many different ways. Minetexas Anarchy will still continue to thrive, if not arguably moreso than ever in its history to date.

It might be hard to gauge the vibe of the server via forum lurking or secondhand sources but as far as many players on the server, I can speak most confidently with the players I spend the most time associating with- there's been an understanding to greatly limit the proliferation of said goods. Sure they'll be sold, gifted, used, hoarded, whatever. But as others have noted, I personally believe this leads to a time of aggressive building. The formation of future ruins/experiences at a rate never seen before. Please don't kid yourself and deny that had you in fact been present on the server at the time, you would have absolutely and without a shred of doubt proceeded to maximize your own position, squirreling it away somewhere and using it just like anyone else. I only say that to quickly shine across some hypocrisy.

The momentary dick measuring contest is over, where many suddenly sprung groups have evened out the in-game "power" across the board. An example of this was a brawl yesterday with roughly 10 fully geared, Notch apple devouring players, multiple god sets as backup in the inventories of each. Basically a free-for-all, albeit targeted mainly towards two specific admittedly impressive fighters, Aspratic and jared. It pretty much resulted in only two fatalities, some gear picked up as trophies, but more importantly it seems to have resulted in the acknowledgement of gear equality. We had fun. We moved on. Bottomline: less faction roleplay and more genuine inter-group dynamics, seeing what works and what doesn't. 

I'd expect increased cooperation/collaboration between what once before was a Cold War-esque mad dash for e-military superiority. Someday there'll be some type of war/major conflict; It's inevitable. But it will be held in an even more robust and interesting venue due to actions that you have rashly claimed to have ruined the players' will to continue engaging with this server's world.

It may not seem like it in this logic-tempered tongue lashing but I think you're alright. Just wrong in this case.
For the most part, I consider this to be more of a intelligent rebuttal with which I hold little issue with. The only point(s) I would present, now that my temper cleared up, is that I was apparently misinformed about the signifigance of certain groups in regards to participation. That, and the fact that I have access to other, more permanent methods of resource gain that do not require utilizing certain dupes, mostly because it puts me in bad standing with atar, who (not stating this to be insulting) has a tendency to watch certain actions. I was more or less angry over the mad dash to grab as much stuff as possible, as it negatively effected large scale projects I had planned on doing, and I let my restraint on making statements slip. If anything, I respect the fact that you made a concise, well written response to what I said, and I really can't say I hold much ill will towards you either. It was more or less heat of the moment, and I apologize.
Tbh, I did take advantage of the dupe, and I was one of the first players to know about it, but from what I've seen, the dupe has not created whats viewed as an equal playing point. The only people who really got "richer" were those already rich. Players who were new or within a month did not catch on to the dupe or learn how to do it until it was to late. If it did do anything to the playing field. It made it harder for the newer players to catch up. And Zen you pointed out two people in the fight, one I agree with one not so much. Aspratic fought quite well, in many times outnumbered because of fellow team members indecencies, such as jared2013 logging spree. Jared2013 logged multiple times in the fight with a mere 2 hearts remaining instead of taking the toll of death, now I don't have a problem with people logging, but they should not be praised for their fight when it was a fight they started then ran away from. Anyways I would like to point out that it annoys me when I see people complain about this dupe, everyone you would have a possibility of fighting was doing it, complaining about the dupe would be saying it was unfair for Russia or the US to produce nuclear weapons during the Cold War. Not duping at the time would have left you far far behind anyone who used to be close to your abilities pre dupe.
I would prefer you didn't provide further fuel to a fire I already put out. It isn't going to add on much, and it just rekindles things.
It's alright, Shaws. I know where you're coming from in regard to jared. My view is different than yours and my intentions were not to lift them on high which is in direct conflict with my usage of adjectives. It's not difficult to stand in one place munching on god apples while periodically quickswitching armor pieces- we know this. I actually hesitated with naming the above individuals (regardless of my own relationship with them) but decided to include it for the sole reason to provide future specifics which could be referenced. I'd say those two were the least likely to be on the majority's kill aura friend's lists. To slightly round out your view on jared during this event, I still think knowingly /spawn'ing with a very large target on your back into the middle of a juiced up gangbang and staying there until all your gear is redbar (tempting the luck of lag) is okay by me for an honorable mention. Regardless, everyone had fun. No intentions to point fingers. Fuck it. It doesn't matter. Moving on. <3

As with e-wealth/power equality: when groups of the community rapidly go from having 11 gapples to their name to having stacks, I'd say it's okay to call that an evening out. People who had none now have more than some people's pre-dupe stashes, which were in fact garnered from gold mining/farming, crafted, and/or purchased with the intention of holding while the price inflated. Yes there's still inequality- I'm not saying we're all on the same resource rung- but it'd be difficult to say a rapid adjustment has not taken place. Also, the definition of "rich" is incredibly subjective. None of us can exactly say what that means. One person's "rich" is someone else's minor base. There will always be inequality. All you can do is hope that those who have larger than normal holdings utilize them in a manner that increases the enjoyment, excitement, beauty, personality, and history of our digital planet. I may be an idealist but I believe (or rather I hope) those with much eventually blossom towards developing a sort of altruism towards the current and newer player base (even if said "altruism" is truly just personal entertainment). It's no fun just sitting in your base counting double chests of diamond blocks, thinking what your profit margin on your next sale is going to be. We want to make memories across this 3D canvas. It'd be safe to say a common denominator between most of the community is that we all want to see this digital world grow. It's a social experiment- lets do ourselves a favor and not make it lame or waste our time spamming chat about the last feeling that was hurt.

This will be my last response on the subject as I feel it's been adequately addressed by my own definition of "adequately addressed"Smile

Remnant, thanks for your reply. Appreciated it and I do look forward to you coming back. Lets do some cool shit. Not sure if you heard, the world limit is 30k now so pretty sure we can just cover it with one huge base.

tl; dr The server was sold to Hypixel. Atar bought a Maserati.

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