Banner Competiton
The Banner Must have Red Included, it Must be well desighed and something that's appealing. All applications for it must be handed to me (LovelySlasher) By Tommarow at 12 pm EST winner get 20 Diamond Blocks or 10 Notchapples.
I'd suggest this one
Notch apples and diamonds are worthless. No one will buy those things anymore. Thanks for contributing to screwing over yourself and everyone else.
I'll disagree with that. Though the value of said items have greatly depreciated, nonetheless they still have value. They're both consumable leading to usage, slowly working their way out of the players' supplies. Eventually they'll be a remnant of the past, remembered but no longer impacting the server's dynamic (both social and economic) in a meaningful way. Future stashes  hidden away for only the eye of the beholder or as lost data for a lucky adventurer to stumble upon. As new players continue churning through, their value will climb. Obviously. Until the next exploit of course. Such is Minecraft.

Returning to OP's intentions: 
I think the banner competition is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing the entries :-)

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