Anyone got any interesting projects going on RN?
I have some but I have to keep secret
I have a project on an alt account, on the million line, I am going to over the course of a few months, with a fleet of tnt bombers reduce a 500×500 area down to bedrock and build a base in the middle. I will make a thread with screenshots once I begin the bombing.

Hopefully the project will become a monument of the server, all going to plan.
I plan to continuously lobby the forums with arguments for specific changes, much like my less handsome IRL Trump counterpart, until I can bring liberty and justice to the server.
How is this post relevant to the General Anarchy Discussion?: I discuss the plans that will directly affect the individuals who use the anarchy section of the forums, and by extension, the server itself as both are linked to one another, and therefore void any possibility of being struck down by any violation of off-topic parameters. Have a fantastic day.

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