Anarchy Forum Rules
In the classic spirit of a section that literally states "All things anarchy", and contains such lovely gems as posts detailing violent suicides and lovely amounts of shitposting, one would think this section SHOULD be akin to the spirit of the philosophy behind it. However, this is hilariously not the case. On a forum where the most attendees one usually sees almost never goes above 8, it seems a tad bit pointless to create rules that stifle any desire to post or attract attention. The "Off Topic" section is a dead husk that sees less action than an elderly, catatonic, husk of a human. The only section that would actually promote discussion, the aforementioned anarchy area, is ironically un-anarchic. I suggest that instead of playing Nazi Jesus with a handful of paraplegic children, you just merge anarchy with off-topic, and be done with it. Let's face the facts here. Order is nice, but it can be minimalist when dealing with such a small community. When some sections literally haven't been posted in AT ALL, or for months (and in one situation a year), I think it's obvious this isn't a massive community that requires extensive rules. Personally, it makes me want to not interact with the forums whatsoever when simple freedoms to enjoy myself and interact with other people in an area where I can be noticed, and carry it over into other sections, are restricted in such a way. In fact, the very rules can be exploited in a way that, while generally not pleasant, are in fact allowed given the current setup(Jesus Christ, no, this isn't blackmail. It's a basic observation made by using common sense) The only solution would be to shoot yourself in the foot even more, and add more restrictions, or merge the anarchy and off topic sections, allowing it to become that basis of anarchic philosophy it deserves to be. And as an added benefit, it even makes for a handy trashcan. Keep the anarchy section segmented like it already is, but just remove a few restrictions on "Off Topic" nonsense when you literally post in an general discussion where you comment on the lack of people, in the anarchy section, thus actually staying on topic and voiding the claims of off topic. Image macros do not immediately mean a post is deemed "off topic". An expression of emotion through images, in an attempt to create activity in the anarchy community stays within those boundaries. It doesn't need to be bland and coldly logical to be considered a relative post. 

Anarchy is the most popular server, but the forum section doesn't carry the same vibe as the actual server. It's prudish nonsense that stifles the actual development and popularity it could have. Make it your own 2b2tesque reddit area, or a less cancerous /b/. Stick to rules that actually help, like getting rid of spam and porn, and let the rest get filed off into the newly merged off-topic and general anarchy section ghetto thus created. Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the long post, you see why the post that was so kindly deleted is allowed to exist via being on topic to the subject matter associated with the general anarchy discussion.
TL;DR You're a chatty fellow who wants to spam freely.

Permission Granted
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Damn, that's a pretty concise Tl;dr.
In reality, I'm a bored man with a toupee using a 2011 blackberry to screw around on the forums for 7 weeks because my location has crap internet that only allows me the bare minimum. My only sources of entertainment is reruns of Iron Chef, and a constant flow of encyclopedia dramatica articles. all I have.

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