Reason for Elytra Nerfs?
Hello, I am an Elytra aficionado, and I was just curious why some recent changes were made to the item. I did not experience these issues a few weeks back. 

1. When landing after a long flight, you take fall damage equal to how long you were in the air, much like you do when using fly hacks. Even a soft landing after a long flight will kill you despite your no fall hacks or feather falling.

2. A punch bow no longer fires lightly drawn shots while flying with an Elytra. Without lightly drawn shots, you can't shoot yourself to obtain an upward boost. This method can be used to obtain infinite flight with a bit of practice.

Having the Elytra merely be a dysfunctional trophy is kinda disappointing, though if there is a reason this had to be done, I'll of course accept it, I'd just like to know if possible. Thanks for your hard work Atar!
I didn't make any changes to how elytras work, or to any configuration of NCP. The only thing that changed recently was a switch to PaperSpigot, whereas we were previously on plain old Spigot.

I'll look into what could be causing them to be dysfunctional.
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