Seeking opinions on spawn killing newbs.
Hello. I don't really know how this works, but here we go.

    I've noticed the past 3-4 days has been kinda strange. After a brief peace time between diamond players (when Patrol logged in and announced they were leaving MineTexas to become civcrafters) the change in atmosphere has moved beyond just peace between diamond players, to just straight up no killing at all. It seems bad timing as a ton of new names have been rushing in and starting up their bases without any "introduction" to the server. After they have already obtained at least a diamond set, they are still asking in chat about rules, how things work, etc. I know not all new players have bad intent, but the rate of base raids and griefing has also seemed to increase. They tend to proudly announce it in global as well. 

    Now. I am totally a peaceful player, and I'm totally for a peaceful era of MineTexas (especially between established players). But to be honest, not spawn killing the new players and "forcing the weak to eventually quit" has me worried. 

    The amount of chat spammers, griefers, factions players, and just straight up annoying people have been increasing greatly in just the passed few days. Of course, it is anarchy and everything goes, but I still thought of our spawn killing tradition (as far as I knew of) to be a good filtering system for making undesirable players give up on the server. 

    If players are asking in chat "what is the difference between this and factions?" then our future will be filled with less building; and more just PvP, grief, and strife. I'd rather see more lasting frats, and cities rise up, than a ton of new player frats with just "farms underground" bases that only wanna run around ambushing people. Where are the buildings??

    I don't really know the point of this post other than to share my opinion, so please just let me know what you guys think. Don't insult my post, I already know I suck at writing, words, and just communication in general. Actually, I don't even know how forums work anyway. I just want to know if anyone else feels the same way about the new players rushing in.

P.S. What the hell has happened to the end dimension? It was pretty much almost virgin, and now It's really ugly in my opinion. #MakeTheEndGreatAgain

Cya guys! Smile
There are several contributing factors involved in this infliux, with the primary one being the mindset that every individual player needs to create some kind of mass-playerbase, brought on by the rusher crisis started in earlier June. With the issue of 2b2t being filled, the excess waste has poured over into our server. Quite frankly, the only thing we CAN do that wouldn't lead to more issues is to hunker down and wait for the worst to be over. These PVP types will leave when the 2b2t fiasco dies down, and most will eventually rot away into nothingness anyways. Oh, and to combat the issue of the constant stream of cancer emitting from the chat, I would suggest taking advantage of a private chat channel in order to circumvent this.
Plus users can create private chat channels.

I'll go ahead and create one that the regulars can switch over to. Odds are most players won't spam other channels.
"/ch a" and then "/ch leave global"

You can switch back with "/ch g"
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Sounds good to me.
We all know where the players are coming from. The skyrocketing interest in the keyword "anarchy" is rippling through Minecraft communities. Kids who didn't know anarchy is a word in the English language are now able to string those letters together with their peanut butter stained chubby little fingers to see things that make their dopamine levels drunken with the maddening power of using "FUCK" in a server and no one kicking them out or warning them. Combined with our prominent presence on search engines, people are coming in waves.

I personally don't like the mentality that we should stifle the growth of the playerbase in a broadstroke manner ie Camping spawn and killing every new player until they quit. That's just the whole Veteran vs Rusher bullshit, thoughtless buy-in to some Youtube Team Edward vs Team Jacob, Kardashian vs Swift pop nerd-core Minecraft 12 year old summer break ritalan-addled vacuity that isn't real. Remember, to everyone before you, you're a "newfag". I'm a newfag to people who happened to join before me and most of everyone playing now is a newfag to me. Babies calling babies "babies". Who cares when any given one of us joined? We all had to come in at some point. What does matter is the goofiness of resting on seniority by chronological time alone. Respect the history, ask about it, go see it for yourself but make your own. When I see people say "Oh I've been playing here a long time" and it's been 6 weeks or 3 months, it's laughable. One reason I don't bring up when I started is that I think there's a lack of confidence intrinsic when one has to rest on time logged in alone. It's akin to tenure. If someone tells me they've played a year, I don't care. More can be accomplished in a month than anything they've ever done. So lets quit the new player vs newer player mumbo jumbo. Spawnkilling into oblivion based on protecting the server from some new player influx is silly (although there is an argument that the right ones will push through it anyways). Spawnkill because you feel like it.

The additions of players who leave a bad taste in your mouth I guess, those who raid bases and grief will always be a portion of the community, and with a larger overall pool, instead of 4 "griefers", 20 will cycle through in a day ( made up numbers). I also don't think this is a "peaceful" era, though there is an understanding between players and decreased digital violence, that has existed for some time. Now instead of 10 people implicitly (or explicitly) agreeing to not smack the shit out of each other constantly, there are 20. People are still getting absolutely smoked. I can personally attest to the fact that I witnessed on two different occasions yesterday people get killed over 100 times in a row. I've seen many new players, in their newfound diamond gear, whilst asking in chat about the rules, explode into a pile of items. Even "established" players still end up on the wrong side of the sword. It happens, it will continue to happen, good times. Do not lose any sleep- these newfriends will get a crash course in what this server can offer. (One quote from yesterday "I'm not wasting another 5 hours of life getting diamonds again. I quit....[profanity]". That person found out it wasn't the right server for them. It was a brutal moment but alas, it does them no justice to pamper them if they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel for themselves. We are not babysitters.

I've always seen spawnkilling, in its best form, as one of two things:

1. Like you said, Pie,a sort of hazing to the server in a very direct way. It can act as a filter to those with unrealistic expectations- that this is all just rainbows, cake, and cuddles. The fact is at some point in time (most likely): you will be killed, someone will steal something from you, and things might not go as planned overall. There will be setbacks and that's a beautiful part of the game. Something that makes our server great is cooperation in the context of anarchic freedom and potential hostility. Trust developed over time, leaps of faith, acts of goodwill in this pseudo-social experiment of ours..A community that naturally bends towards fostering adults and relatively introspective youth who don't want to be coddled by plugins, protections, and grid-like levels to climb towards a predefined win scenario.

2. Digital punishment for something (spamming, saying dumb shit, picking on the wrong person(s) at the wrong time.)

Sidenote: I love how our server has no objective point other than to play this block game. Everyone's definition of success and failure is specific to themselves (hopefully). We create the narrative completely. The story and history, characters, ruins and memories- free to explore whatever whim strikes us in a given moment. I've seen equal contentment from a player living in a small base close to spawn as other players trying to play puppet master over vulnerable segments of the community.As every new player joins they seem to try to find a place for themselves within the server- and the great thing is- there is a place for them most of the time. I've built structures, cooperated with strangers, conversed with chill people I love talking to, killed and stolen goods, traded (both fairly and at high premiums), gifted, discovered, destroyed (griefed), etc all in the same day many times. That's actually most of the days that I play.

Pie, glad you made the post. My only critique is the inclusion of "griefers". No doubt spam is annoying and annoying people are annoying lol. There's nothing that really comes from just spam "fjioefjiohgfiohg" 200 timesin a row but I guess if that's the experience that person wants to have and it's some type of cathartic release, so be it. They'll usually just get killed on sight and then bored when their interactions don't produce anything that feeds their beast. /ignore is wonderful for those situations and an easy fix.
As far as griefing, I don't agree with trying to eliminate that from the players and it may be something you have to come to terms with. It's not going to ever be a perfect world where nothing is ever spontaneously redesigned. Destruction is a form of creation in my opinion. Whether it be chaotic landscaping which was once non generated world or ripping craters through a castle, it's player interaction with their environment and a mark of a moment in time. Multiple strangers splashing buckets of paint at the same canvas, sometimes finishing the others lines, sometimes covering it completely.The way to avoid that if a pristine build is ultimately desired, for the most part, is just distance and obscurity. Near spawn/high traffic builds will likely be griefed- I think each iteration of it is a cool part of playing on a multiplayer server. Origin, destruction, repair, and on.

I think Nyar is pretty on point with the fact that it will just work itself out ("this too shall pass"). A large portion of the spammers and such will lose interest and move somewhere else where the community can be triggered. Easiest thing to do is not feed into it. "Don't feed the trolls" if you don't like that troll. To add on to what he said, as far as players who didn't get spawnkilled filtered and have it perhaps easy, it's only a matter of time. I've personally seen 3 players quit in the face of delayed adversity in the last two days. If it's not a good fit, this place will eventually spit them out. Shit will happen to them, the test will come, and they'll realize it's not a good fit.

It took me a bit too long to arrive at this concluding thought: If you want to see something a certain way, do it. Make it happen. Don't be deterred. Organize those builds and cities you want to see. I think more people than you may guess want to be involved and get out of their comfort zones/lend a helping hand. I can say now there'll be some fun stuff coming from our direction in the coming weeks. Glad you're a fellow denizen on the server- truly you did just take a damn good step with inciting more a dialogue specifically anchored to a state of play most of us active players are currently experiencing firsthand.

tl;dr The kill feed will always be fed. Players will come and go. More cool shit will be built than ever. Stuff will get griefed. This will never be faction pvp. Some people will always just live in a shitty underground farm.
Evidently, the number of players slipping through the net that is the spawn killing regime is far too high, and, as Rushers begin to give up hope in 2b2t, they will look to other Anarchy Servers to play on, only slightly easier than 2b2t, which this is. Being so high on any search for "Anarchy MC Servers" means that, of all servers, this is the one which will be hit worst by the imminent Mass Anarchy Migration of Rushers that is already beginning as the queue rises above 1000 for them. No doubt, if peace is to reign, and newspawns do no begin to endanger the peace, or as Zen perfectly buts it, the consensus not to smack each other, we need to tighten up on players getting through.

This is for two reasons. First, any player who slips out of spawn and creates for himself Enchanted Diamond Gear is, with a bit of skill and luck, capable and able of harming and murdering the core of the precious Minetexas community, and, unintegrated into our political paradigm, will bear no heed to Fraternity or Status. Worse, this endangers trade on which our server flourishes, trade which is beneficial to all persons if unenfinged. Second, the easier it is for people to slip through spawn, the easier this server seems, and thus our image becomes increasingly that of 2b2t's easier sister, and begins to draw more and more players, each endangering more and more the community, and bring more and more players in, a vicious cycle that can and will only end in our server become like 2b2t: dangerous, inharmonious, laggy, and with, god forbid, a queue.

I am in no doubt that new players having an easy time is bad for us all. And that is exactly what is happening atm. The other day I was interested in this, and, getting an alt, logged in on Minetexas and timed how long it took for me to progress in the game. TheShaws was at spawn, and whilst he murdered the alt a few times, he diverted his attention to another player and I managed to easily escape. It was an alarmingly short walk until I found trees, only 300, 100 out, barely 160 blocks from Spawn. From their, wood was fairly plentiful, and one could make a farm.

Contrast the above to 2b2t. I was waiting for Xenobyte to get to our new base on 2b2t when I fucked up my bed placement, and, after dying in a mob spawner, was whisked to spawn. It was tough going. Even though I had a base 30k out, it took 1000 blocks of walking, 10 hunger points, until I could find my first tree, and that was after a close brush with 2 would-be "Vet" spawn killers and numerous fall damage deaths. A nether portal could not be found for a while longer, an incredible number laying ruined on the landscape. Further than that, all grass had been utterly destroyed and I found none before I went on my way, and if I did not have food waiting for me, I would surely have starved to death. I know for a fact that there is barely a morsel of food to be found even 3k out, where I ventured in search of Atar's farm, which, surprise surprise, had also been looted. Finding wood is hard on 2b2t, finding the nether tougher, and even if you can do both of those, you will eventually starve.

So what is the difference between the hopeless, inescapable wasteland that is 2b2t and our beloved home for a new player? The answer is not spawnkillers, because /spawn means we have many more than 2b2t. Spawn Killers are barely an annoyance to new players, and it is quite simple, as a means of taking out new players spawn killing does not work! The reason 2b2t is so hard to play is the cruel landscape, not players: you can run from players, but not the land.

What is, then, the solution? Not more spawn killing. But absolute and unconditional waging of war on the landscape. There should be no trees between 1250, 1250 and -750 -750! There should be no farms, no wood, no grass to get seeds. and there should be lavacasts, great lavacast walls, to rival 2b2t, all across the spawn chunks! Spawn does not need to be made great again, it needs to be destroyed, and only then can the newspawns scourge be fully destroyed.
[Image: GdROhCx.jpg]

This is the spawn area atm. I don't know the scale, but I think its 1000/1000 centred on 250 250. You can see quite clearly the issue. Trees are everywhere. Even 500 blocks from spawn you can see that it looks like a normal world, with, one assumes, normal ores, and grass, easy seeds and diamonds and obsidian for any noob who can escape spawn killers (and it isnt hard).

Before the end of this month, there should be no trees. No grass. No diamond ores. No random nether portals.

So anyone wishing to stem the flow of shit from 2b2t should do that, and destroy all the wildlife of spawn. Scorched earth is the term, I believe.

Second, the nether. It is so incredibly easy to access from spawn that we cant block it, but instead, we need to block spawn in the nether. Cover it completely with an obsidian blanket, so no-one without a diamond pick can escape. Then we can destroy portals which don't lead to nether spawn, so making a far out base is 8x as difficult.

Finally, we need to create lavacast walls around spawn. You cannot walk through a wall, and to this extent, we should trap new players so they use up so much hunger before they starve in the barren wastelands of spawn.

I, for one, am beginning the destruction of the forest, and would gladly welcome company.
You won't get this done by the end of the month, but you'll probably get it done in a few months. I would suggest offering payment to individuals willing to work, so that other people assist you.
I just added an incentive to spawn kill (On a provisional basis). Players have a ~5% chance of dropping their head when they are killed by a player.
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Well, holy shit. I am totally going full woodchipper mode if it means I get free playerheads.

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