Spawn Rats
I just wanted to make a quick post about a recent phenomenom I've been witnessing. An apt title for these little buggers is probably spawn rat. I don't mean this in a derogatory sense but recently there's been packs of naked players loitering around spawn doing a mix of seven main activities: 

1. Getting absolutely slaughtered. After a bit it seems an equilibrium is achieved where geared players no longer aggressively target the spawn rats but they will still lay them out to either farm a player head, get their sword's name in the kill feed, or accidently catch them in the forehead with kill aura while attacking a different potential victim. The spawn rats also seem to be testing dummies for players who have recently acquired unenchanted or low level enchanted equipment. A stream of kills from an unamed sword will usually trigger a god-tier player to /spawn onto the attacker, popping the inventory to be distributed among the spawn rat community.

2. Diving in after kills and quickly squirreling away any loot obtained into the spawn protected echest. Be wary if you're aiming for a specific loot drop on a kill- the spawn rats have evolved rapidly to dart in and out of battles, storing grabs with maximum efficiency. If even a moment's delay transpires, the spawn rat will have already stashed the goodies away. 

3. Peeking in their echest. I've been seeing them just looking at their loot periodically just to take inventory and admire their 27 slot vaults. Though some of them claim to have bases, the majority respawn on the platform and have not yet demonstrated the ability to set their spawn using a bed. 

4. PM'ing geared players for handouts, team opportunities, or trying to designate hits on other players, geared or not, in hopes that they'll receive some type of cut. 

5. Consistently losing everything that is not in their echest. Normally within 5 minutes of a spawn rat getting a set of prot1 armor and sharp2 sword do they lose it all. Everything is constantly in flux in their community. One minute they have 4 piece set, the next moment they have only pants on while their compatriot has a new helmet stashed in their echest. 

6. The sale of heads. Spawn rats seem to be a good source of player heads- with the caveat that the majority of their wares are common. Buyer beware, these critters can negotiate. Although a more than satisfactory deal can be had, the starting point seems to always be a set of OP gear.

7. Attempting to interrupt trades. While trading near spawn, be sure to look around and rid the area of any undesirables within chest range. The spawn rat has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If they can reach it, it's already in their inventory. 

Just some random thoughts that I thought may be a developing curiosity. I hope the spawn rats stay. Take a moment throughout the day to feed them with bits of meat to keep them thriving. It'd be nice if they reproduced and I'm interested in how their culture will take shape. It'd be safe to say, if their continued existence persists, they'll be utilized by the playerbase at large as day laborers and traffickers of illicit goods and services. Thank you spawn rats for never leaving spawn.
Are there any nests near or under spawn that the rats inhabit? You would think they have developed that skill by now.
From what I've been able to observe to date in regard to this peculiarity, they do not seem to have an innate drive to nest. My best guess is 1) they'll adapt when their echests consistently reach a state of max capacity, likely developing typical hobbit hole amenities for themselves (2 furnaces, 3 double chests, and a 9x4 half-planted farm of carrots) somewhere a hop, skip and jump away from spawn. 2) More established players will compete to offer them residence within pre-built domiciles and resources in exchange for completing simple tasks such as mining or farming; we seen it before as Minecraft's form of indentured servitude. I'd predict they'll be easy to buy off from third parties and a steady source of coords for more unscrupulous denizens of our fair server.
I've never been able to observe the creation of an entirely new culture before, so I find this chance to be amazing.
We should remember to keep at arms-length out of respect for their burgeoning identity. God forbid they assimilate completely and lose ties to their own unique history. Interaction is inevitable and likely beneficial but the womb that is spawn has demonstrated the ability to nurture a new race of people and that must be handled with the utmost care.

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