Questions for SirJohnChilcot
How long have you played this server? 
What notable part have you played in history?
What is your age?
Do you still work as my employee, or did you quit without telling me? 
Why did you delete that Anarchy Suggestions post?
Do you have some means of contacting you, such as teamspeak or discord?
Do you want to be promoted?

These are several questions I ask, in the hopes that SirJohnChilcot answers them.
Oh! Pub Quiz time!

1) I played from time to time starting in February as Jonathinius, and have played regularly since late June, when I finally had some free time and 2b2t went to shit.

2) I am yet to play my part in server history, though I have my hopes and dreams...

3) I am 14, though I am a proud campaigner for Children's Suffarage and react fiercely to ageist stereotypes which this malevolent question builds on.

4) To my knowledge, I remain ever your humble servant

5) I deleted that post because it had been easily responded and was no further need for discussion.

6) I have Teamspeak, and Skype, not Discord, though I can get it.

7) Sure, feel free to promote me.
Excellent. Well, I find it fitting that I let you ask me questions, about anything. Literally anything, provided that it isn't my name or location. Everything else is free game, whether it be minecraft related or not. I have an interest in possibly grooming a subordinate, and if you play your cards right, you might have.a high chance of getting that honor.
I have no questions. I have read most of your forum posts, particularly about the history of the server when I was very new, and feel no need to divulge into your personal life. Having read such, I find it a great, great honour to be even considered for a role like this.
Well, works for me. You'll get a skype message from me on August 9th, provided you PM me your skype contact information. I look forward to contacting you.
I'm gonna be AFK a lot over august, going on holiday. I'll play some evenings, so I can send you a Forum PM right now, because it might be hard to contact me.
:O Well then, this completely destroys my original plans, but oh well. September it is.
I can, and will still play, and will continue to be (over)active on the forums as well as readily avaidable on Skype. Though if September it is, then September it must be for whatever you're planning.
Well okey dokey. I meant september in the context of being able to speak with you, not super special plans (those are time adjustable)

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