The Hidden Path
Hello guys, I am Aslanbor some of you may have heard of me. I was wondering if any of you older players would like to supply me with information about the Hidden path. It would be a great gift if you could tell me about its history and its members. Thank you for your time. ~Aslan
The information you're looking for is in the general anarchy discussion section under the header "an unabridged history of minetexas anarchy".
Yes i know but i wish to have more information
Hidden Path Members


Created the skybase ruin at spawn, the underground spawn farm, the desert base connected by rail to the mob spawner base, and the melon farm base, along with ghost town(located on a chunk border) and another skybase. Collapsed due to discovery of bases and internal disputes. Started in early 2014, has unknown activity today, although very rarely active. Primarily german, mid twenties to 17, with one member being 14. Associated with no one, independent faction. Coordinates to ghost town leaked, town griefed, repaired, and griefed again. Followed the motto of goodwill to others and charity, highly secretive.
That is literally all the information about the hidden path in game, without getting into IRL personal info. Not sure what you mean by "more info", but this is it.
Thank you trump I am not trying to badger anyone I just wish to know more of the history. I will waste no more of your time.
No, I didn't mean that to sound like I thought of it as badgering. I'm more than happy to provide information, it's just that was all there was for the Hidden Path.
I found a sign saying Follow the hidden path and it said Ablapo so i just wanted to know more about it
No issue there. Like I said, I didn't mean to sound like a jerk, that's just more or less all there is to know about the Hidden Path. Nice to see someone curious about history though. It's a welcome change to pseudo-faction nonsense.
personally, if someone asks me about The Hidden Path in public chat on the server, I say nothing ^ ^
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