[(Empolyee notice) NCP Requisition Order 001]

NCP is currently under contract to build a certain structure for an anonymous buyer. The contract is listed as high priority, and therefore takes precedent over other builds NCP is currently conducting. There is a commission rate for any individuals willing to gather materials for this construction materials, with the running price being around 6 stacks of diamond blocks for every double chest of quartz received of (4 are required), with a 2 stack diamond block bonus to the largest provider. It should be noted that NCP employees are required to respond back to this message in one form or another. This should be considered an opportunity for lower-level NCP employees to gain a larger build commissions, as the benefits included in being part of the official construction sector include
-A warranty on any NCP issued tools
-Firsthand experience in construction and interpersonal relations 
-A percentage commission on builds headed by the employee, with a smaller distribution rate among other employees involved. 
-A higher chance of promotion into a higher sector, along with the benefits that brings. 
If you are in possession of quartz blocks, or are interested in mining for the commission, please keep any and all manufactured product at your personal base until officially messaged by Nyarlothtep or CancerBot for payment and transport. This supply offer operates on a first come, first serve basis. You will be updated every other day on the current state of the offer in the Requisition and Supply section of the NCP Forum. 

Nyarlothtep/_Remnant_/Cancerbot/DonaldTrumpForMC, Owner of North Central Positronics Inc. 

North Central Positronics-Building the Future, One Block at a Time!

EDIT: Many things have changed but this still stands, would employees please note this

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