Anarchists visit the Hardcore Server
Since someone thought it was fun to ddos Anarchy, we all decided to give Hardcore a try in the meantime and found it pretty entertaining. Unfortunately I was spawn killed but tagged along as a spectator anyway. Just posting a few screenshots, feel free to post yours as well. Wasn't able to get a group pic at the time.
[Image: bJbIsqU.png]
[Image: PgdNBKq.png]
[Image: dA1JN9y.png]
[Image: 935X3Z0.png]
[Image: pRfxDJj.png]
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Inside of you.
It wasn't a DDoS, it just crashed.

But glad to see that y'all had some fun.
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lol That's awesome. Nice post (besides the whole ddos thing). Love the pics

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