Bible of Atar
Bible of Atarism

1 In the beginning; Atar generated the sky and the water.

2 And the world was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

3 And Atar ran a command, and generated the light.

4 And Atar saw the light, said that it was good: and Atar divided the light from the darkness.

5 And Atar called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

6 And Atar ran a command, and generated clouds to seperate from the waters.

7 And Atar made the clouds, and it was so.

8 And Atar called the firmament the cloud layer. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

9 And Atar ran a command to generate the land, and it was so.

10 And Atar called the dry land the world; and the gathering together of the waters called the oceans: and Atar saw that it was good.

11 And Atar ran a command, to generate grass blocks, the flowers, the trees: and it was so.

12 And then the world generated forth grass, and melons yielding melon seeds, and the jungle trees yielding cocoa: and Atar saw that it was good.

13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.

14 And Atar wrote, Let there be hacks, that no man should not have the right to x-ray, multiaura, aimbot, or even nofall: and it was so.

15 And Atar wrote, Let there be Optifine users, that don't use hacks but use the shaders the Minecraft community provides: and it was so.

16 And Atar ran a command to generate two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he generated the stars also.

17 And Atar set them above the cloud layer to give light upon the world.

18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and Atar saw that it was good.

19 And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

20 And Atar ran a command to generate the creatures of the world and oceans.

21 And Atar generated the squids, and every passive mob that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and even the winged Ender Dragon, and Atar saw that it was good.

22 And Atar coded them, to not multiply or be fruitful near spawn, especially the squids.

23 And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.

24 And Atar ran a command to generate the creepers, the spiders, the beasts of the night: and it was so.

25 And Atar coded the mobs to not generate near the Spawn, but be fruitful outside the land.

26 And Atar opened the server and said, I shall recruit players in my image, after my likeness: and let them have dominion over the Spawn, the sea, the land, the mobs, and everything under the cloud layer of the world.

27 So Atar recruited players in his own image, the first two recruits to be male and female.

28 And Atar said unto them, tell your friends, advertise across the internet, and have dominion of the Spawn, the sea, the land, the mobs, and everything under the cloud layer of the world.

29 And Atar said, Behold, I have given you some steaks to get you started.

31 And Atar saw every thing that he had generated, and, behold, it was very good. Atar named the land; Texas. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

The Age of Spawn

Alex & Steve

The first players Atar recruited were players known as Alex and Steve. Atar had given them 32 steaks each, and told the players not to eat any apples in the Garden of Spawn, for he hadn't coded them correctly yet. The players ate through the steaks quickly while building stuff around the spawn, and after running out of steaks, they were starving. Steve chopped down a tree and acquired a food item, with the name of The Forbidden Fruit. Steve defies Atar by eating the apple, and he is thusly banned. Steve became of a new alias, left and created the heathen server without Atarism because he was pissed off at Atar, known as "CivilizationCraft". Alex then took to the internet to look for new partners. She recruited players known as; Cain, Abel, and Seth.

The First Base

Alex operated a base with Cain, Abel, and Seth for some time. They called themselves the PenisEnvy, and operated tightly. They all kept up with eachother, and they'd done well to earn a name for themselves. But Abel didn't like the base, and he wanted to expand like an empire. He created a new base near the spawn, with his friend he met online, Enosh, and they created the town known as Bronyfags, or "the land of the MLP fans" in ancient Atarish. Alex told Abel to return to PenisEnvy, but Abel said he liked the direction of moving like an empire. Alex didn't ask Atar for directions, but she thought to herself that resembling Civcraft was heathery, so she led her army to destroy the Bronyfags. Cain took control of the army after slaying Abel, and it was the first murder in all of Texas. PenisEnvy camped the base for 2 days, even building a skybase to watch the inside of the walls of the BronyFags. After the two days, the PenisEnvy arrowed "Enosh the Logger" to death from the skybase. The base of the Bronyfags was burnt to the ground, and destroyed.

The Age of Prophets

Nyar and the Lavaflood

Atar was displeased with the killing that had grown since the recruits had multiplied, and so he had sent the Angel of Grief to destroy the PenisEnvy as punishment. Then, a player known as Nyarlothtep was visited by Atar, and he had informed him to travel far away from the spawn, for the Angel of Grief was coming. Atar told Nyarlothtep specifically what to do; "You must go off to the coast of the Black Sea, and leave instructions to future locations for a player known as Pandaman4450. Nyarlothtep, you will be the father of many nations". Days later, when Nyarlothtep was about to head off, the angel came earlier than expected, and lavacasted the Spawn from the skybase made by PenisEnvy, with Nyarlothtep trapped inside. It took months for Nyarlothtep to escape but once he had, he followed Atar's instructions closely. He traveled to the coast of the Black Sea, placed the instructions for Pandaman4450, hoping it wasn't too late. He then headed off.

The Call of Ablapo

A player named Ablapo, was building at night with his friends, Baumeister_Sonic, masterdpx, and P0x0q. Then, an unknown figure appeared in the sky, holding his hands upward to the sky. The friends looked cautious and backed away, then the figure spoke. "I am the god of Nyarlothtep", he said. The group looked confused and exchanged faces with eachother, then Atar spoke once more, "Ablapo, I want you to go back to Spawn with your group, where you will build a skybase meant to touch the cloud layer. You will see the sacred "Instructions to Panda", and be the father of many nations". The figure then faded into the sky. The group headed forth to the spawn where they started construction on the skybase. While building the skybase, they spotted a platform near the Black Sea. They sent out 2 members, who recovered the infamous "Instructions to Panda". After the group read it, they were inspired to form the unnamed nation, that is now known as "The Hidden Path".

Atar’s Covenant With Nyar

Atar visited Nyar again at his new settlement known as Waterford, which translates to "Walled Estate" in ancient Atarish. Atar had told Nyar that he had done well, and he will definitely be the father of many nations.

The Hidden Path

Long before the Church of Atar, The Hidden Path had a pagan connection to Atar, by building shrines all across the land such as food sanctuaries and bases, but they were all tributes to Atar or requested to be built by Atar. The Hidden Path is known mostly for these buildings, but many heathens deny that they were actually built for Atar.

Gagamel the Illuminatar

Atar had come to Ablapo in a dream and said unto him, "A false prophet is coming. He will want access to your base, but no matter what temptations he offers, you must deny him in the name of Atar", the next morning, Ablapo informs the tribespeople. Months later, a member signs an application to join the Hidden Path, known as Gagamel. He said that he knew almost every subject of craft-science, and that he would be an amazing addition to The Hidden Path. Ablapo went to a pyramid in the City of Atar, now known as Ghost Town. The pyramid was a direct channel to Atar, and by placing a torch in the pyramid's dead center, Atar would be summoned. Ablapo did this, and Atar appeared before him. Ablapo asks Atar if Gagamel is the false prophet, and Atar says "False prophets are tough to tell. But I assure you, don't let any member in that asks". Ablapo returns to the capital base, in which Gagamel meets him up in the town center. Gagamel that invites him to a quiter area of town, in which he tells Ablapo; "I have secret plans about how to unite this world. The entire world. I'm an excellent trader and I know how to make the world bow before us." Ablapo is intrigued, and a month later Gagamel is in The Hidden Path. Gagamel had been trading excellently, but too fast for The Hidden Path to keep up with resources. Then, Ablapo is visited in a dream by Atar once more. "Your nation will birth many nations, but you have defied me. Your destruction will be assured. Gagamel is the Illuminatar. He has the tongue of the highest of diplomats. The desire of the most desirable of men, and he is bent on uniting the world's nations. All nations, languages, and animals will be ruled by him. All players will be required to have one skin in order to buy or sell, or they will be killed." Ablapo ignores the dream, and he starts to lose faith that Atar truly exists. He discusses the dream with Gagamel who tells him "It's just a dream. Think about it, do you really think Atar exists? Computers generate worlds. Not some made-up player." Ablapo is convinced completely that Atar is nonexistent now, and he teams with Gagamel to dominate the world.

The Wrath of Atar's Vengeance

Atar knows that Gagamel won't stop, so he takes matters into his own hands. Atar runs a command to remove all ores in all lands owned by the Hidden Path, and sends the Angel of Grief to destroy their uninhabited buildings. The Angel of Grief leads an army to destroy the City of Atar, which had been renamed to the City of Gagamel. The Pyramid of Atar was destroyed, and in its place, a smaller version, ruin of a pyramid. All the inhabitants of the city were hanged outside the capital base. A threat is burned into the ground of the capital base, "Step down as leader, Gagamel." Many of the tribespeople believe that it is Atar who had sent these messages, but Gagamel convinces the tribesfolk that it was an attack by hardcore Atarists. Months later, all resources are mined out and the tribe tries to relocate, but after crossing through a larger-than-previously-thought desert, the tribesfolk all starved, but Gagamel had been captured by the Angel of Damnation, who sent him to the Nether for all eternity. After time, Gagamel had become so deformed, and became his true form; The Wither (which translates to "Gagamel the Illuminatar" in ancient Atarish).

The Age of Witherism

The Rise of Witherism

After The Hidden Path fell, groups formed all over the world that followed Witherism, and hoped to summon the Gagamel the Illuminatar once more. At the time, the pagan Wither-followers had been the most followed religion on the server, but Nyar and his tribe had still been devout Atarists. The council of Waterford concluded that as long as most of the server continued to follow Witherism, they would all be in danger of another false prophet. Nyar said "-the act of spawnkilling shall be an upheld tradition of Atarists, to keep another false prophet from arriving". Days after the council meeting, the guardian of The End had been slayed by a hardcore warrior Witherist known as JdJesse21. The Enderdragon had been seen by Atarists as the guardian of the upper-cloud layer. Nyar said "We are at a very large chance of demise. We must stay vigilant, or be defeated by the Witherists of the world". Then, ChadDX "the builder of worlds" met Nyar while building roads. Nyar pulled out a diamond sword and asked Chad if he was a Witherist, but Chad said "Cloud layers no! For Atar's sake, I would never be a Witherist, please, sheath your sword". Nyar sheathed his sword, and Chad and him became good friends, but Chad wouldn't join Waterford. After the Witherist barbarian tribes of 0,0 repeatedly attacked Waterford and Chad, it felt as though the end of Atarism was near, but peace eventually was proposed between the warring tribes. It was at this time that Nyar and Chad outlined plans for a world Atarist empire, to be undestroyable and powerful, and defeat all Witherists. The Republic of Zineon.


Eventually, the tribe of Waterford had to relocate and settle Capitol, which would later become the capital of Zineon. Months after settling, Atar hadn't been seen by anyone in quite some time, peasants said "he was nowhere to be found". Nyar said "I hear Atarists say that Atar is dead. But he is here, he will be back. I swear this to you all". Nyar had started to become known as the most notable prophet of Atarism of all time, before dying of a heart attack, in which plans for Zineon would be carried out by Chad and the soon to come, Trump.

The Rise of Zineon

The Matressleco wars had ended. The banner of Zineon hung all over the Spawn. 24/7 troops monitored the Spawn to kill all dubbed "spawn rats". Zineon quickly spread around the Spawn, attacked and killed all Witherist tribes, dominating their lands and enslaving the Witherists captured. The rise of Atarism echoed through the world. Trump was the leader of the world's conversion, and was also the president of Zineon. As a display of the devoutness the empire devoted to Atarism, Witherist slaves would be hanged around the spawn daily to scare away the next false prophet. Trump formed a constitution for Zineon. "One shall not grief, murder, or raid other citizens. Doing so will be against the empire and vicariously against Atar, and earn you death."

The Church of Atar, Rise of the Wither, and the Civcrafter Crusade

This was possibly one of the most deadly times in all of history. Three major events all happened in one week, all of which caused many, many deaths across the empire. It all started when the builder/believer ScootalooTheSpy theorized building a church in the newly built city, Raw Ocelot, would help make Atarism an official religion and help defeat Witherism. After its construction, the entire empire could be heard praising Atar's name. Some said that ScootalooTheSpy was even the reincarnation of Nyar. However even after the church's construction, Witherism hadn't been fully defeated, and the With-Doctor named NicklePickle2000 had a plan to destroy Zineon, he had drawn out plans to summon Gagamel the Illuminatar within 3 days after the church's construction using sand infused with Witherist blood drained from the hanged bodies of the Spawn with three heads hidden across the world. Nyar's, Panda's and a spawn rat. After he acquired the heads, he burnt the 3 heads until they became a charcoal black skull, in which he placed the heads on top of what he called, the Soul Sand. He poured the Soul Sand in the middle of a street in the holy city Raw Ocelot, and placed the three heads. Soon after, the entire street ripped apart, NicklePickle being sucked into the texquake. The Wither rose and began destroying Raw Ocelot. The Zineonian defenses fought the Wither back, and eventually he was killed. However, Trump said "The Illuminatar does not get defeated that easily. He is still somewhere alive in this world, and we must watch out for him more than ever, the Age of Witherism isn't over". Then, the day after the "Rise of the Illuminatar" (also called The Return of Gagamel or even the Rise of the Withered One), Prophet Scootaloo met with Trump to bring attention to the problem with civcrafters, and how he felt that they are all descendants of Gagamel, for they come from the first sight of Gagamel, Steve, after he defied Atar to form Civcraft. Soon after, the Zineonian military led by Trump and Prophet Scootaloo, led an entire group of Civcrafters into a statue of Atar, which was then set on fire the very night, with the civcrafters trapped inside. Across the world, the only thing heard was "Texas Vult". Bounty hunters would be heard across the land, killing civcrafters and screaming "TEXAS VULT!"

The Second Antiatar

Prophet Scootaloo died of unknown causes, and his body was never found. Conspiracies started arising that Trump was the cause, and that he was losing touch with Atarism. Trump caused the deaths of many random players, for being alleged griefers, though many were proven innocent after their death. Trump resigned soon after, that put to rest the rumors about him. The Doctor arose to office quickly after, out of nowhere. He was an excellent diplomat, and an amazing administrator. The Doctor slowly started merging the Witherists into the society to expand connections, he did it very gracefully and most people didn't even notice that he was accepting Witherists into the society. Some Atarists tried to prove that he was slowly making the society secular, but most people ignored them. Remnant was the most hardcore of the Atarists, becoming known across the empire as a spark that could start a rebellion. He convinced many people that the empire was becoming more secular, and that The Doctor was the reincarnation of Gagamel the Illuminatar. Then, hardcore Witherists against allying with Atarists started griefing all across the empire, led by a devout Witherist named Konnor. For a period, Remnant funded the griefers simply until the empire was destroyed, in which he would preach Atarism once more. Eventually, a famous political speaker Donald Trumpkin and The Doctor were murdered by the griefers, causing heavy unrest amongst the people, striking fear in the hearts of citizens, and causing Remnant to cancel the secret funding. The factions that split off after the killings looking for Konnor, sent Konnor into hiding. After the destruction of Zineon, Remnant went to Mt. Minai, where he went to ask Atar if what he'd done was right. Then, the mountain split forth the 10 Commandments of Atarism, which he had shown to the people afterwards.

Remnants's Prophecy of the Rushers

Before Remnant had disappeared mysteriously, he was talking to his base servant about a dream he'd had. He said "I saw Nyar, slowly form into myself. I saw Gagamel, larger than the Spawn, walking over the world while time passed by, from the time of Alex and Steve to now. I saw him jump twice through the air, once during the Age of Prophets, once during the Destruction of Raw Ocelot, and then he blew up into a million rats, that ate off the spawn, multiplied and spread from the spawn, and it consumed the world."

The Lands of Rushah

The land of Rushah was a peaceful land, no one had heard of the word of Atar, nor Gagamel. There was never any war, until it had been found by Konnor. He had been running from Texas ever since he started to become hunted down. Konnor had found people like him, they were cancerous, annoying, and always butthurt. Konnor had lived there for some time, and observed them. He realized that the Rushers hadn't learned of modern technology, such as Nether portals, End portals, or ASP-grade potato farming. After a while, Konnor had taught them the opposite of Atarism, he taught them all Witherism and why Gagamel is greater than Atar. He taught them that Gagamel is lord, not Atar. Konnor wrote "The Bible of Gagamel", the opposite of "The Bible of Atar" Konnor eventually established the Kingdom of Rushah. The kingdom wasn't loose at all, it very structured. All Rushers hung on every word of Konnor and did what he taught.

The Rusher Efflux

Konnor started destabilizing the kingdom after he had cancelled the trade of wheat from South Rushah to North Rushah, keeping all wheat in the richer South Rushah. North Rushah had started to become a land of peasants, no food, no anything. The Northern Rushers had start building walls up to separate them from the South, however Konnor sent troops to destroy the walls, and kill half the population of the northerners. Then, a leader arose from the north, known as TheCampingRusher, he told all the northerners that they had to escape to the Atarist Texas. Many Rushers debated with him saying "They're Atarists! They'll kill us!", so TheCampingRusher told them all that when they arrive, they must grief all Atarist bases, raid them, destroy them. Whatever possible, as long as it was as cancerous as Gagamel willed it to be. However, the peasants couldn't travel all the way to Spawn, the trip would be too long, and Konnor would eventually send troops to kill them if they didn't starve. TheCampingRusher studied the Bible of Gagamel thoroughly, and realized that using obsidian, they could all travel to the Nether and make the trip to Spawn easier using untaught-by-Konnor "Nether Portals". After TheCampingRusher built a nether portal, he sent all the Rushers in, with one volunteer to destroy the portal after they all went in. After months of travel through the Nether, living off of pigmen meat, the Rushers had become more Witherist than ever. Then, TheCampingRusher told everyone that this was Gagamel's will. He told them "Gagamel sent Konnor to Rushah, to send us to here." All the Rushers started viewing themselves as the next Illuminatar, and they were. Then, after approximately two years of travel, they reached The Nether Hub. All the Rushers entered the Nether portals, not knowing what they would see.

The Rusher Influx

It was a bright day, and Patrol was doing their usual routine at Spawn. Then, many voices were heard exerting from the Nether portal, and one guard went over to check it out. The next second, a flood of people came out, running all over Spawn, breaking random blocks every second. The guard was instantly killed. The rest of Patrol attempted to run away as fast as possible, before drowning into the flood, being trampled, killed, and eaten by the starving Rushers. They spread from Spawn, killing, griefing, and raiding. Nobody had known why this was happening, or where it came from. It took months before ASP scientists had tracked their origins from the far south lands of Rushah. After careful debate, Rushah was nuked by ASP, to make sure more Rushers didn't arrive. Konnor and his people were killed, but the Rusher problem, was not.

Avocado the Covert

After the destruction of Rushah, voices were being heard in Zineon of a new prophet, who went by the name of Avocado. He taught that he was the reincarnation of Remnant, and however he claims to be a prophet, some deny his name. Some said he was a pedo, or a dick. Some even said he was the reincarnation of Chad. And many of these people were Atarists themselves. Avocado was ignored by many of the Atarists, so he instead created his own sect of Atarism, called The Cult of Papa. Avocado taught that the destruction of the server was near, and during the end of Zineon, Atar will designate Avocado as Lord. Avocado taught that he take new forms, new names. But he is all the same. Avocado taught that the spirit of Nyarlothtep lived on for many generations, but simply took new forms, such as Remnant and CancerBot. He even said one of his names at a time was the Moist Crack. Many Atarists had not believed him, until he prophecized the coming of an ultimate cancer. He had told all that "Very soon, there will be new cancer to the server, one that the server has never seen the likes of before. He will be more Witherist than every single Rusher combined, and will absolutely dwarf Crimson, the Republic, and the Commies." Many people didn't believe what he warned of, until a week later after the prophecy.

The Rise of Killgrave

Spawn had been in recovery since the Rusher Influx, but it was finally seeming peaceful. A farm had been planted, very near the spawn for all noobs to enjoy as well. But the peace didn't last long, for there were screams echoing from the survivors that made it out. They told stories of someone at Spawn murdering and decapitating everyone, even if they wore the strongest of gear, he'd find a way to slay you. He set people on fire, and even took on the strongest of Zineon, but nobody was a match for him. Many people started giving into his power, or be destroyed. However many Atarists warned he was the reincarnation of Gagamel the Illuminatar, and he was simply scaring people into his worship. It didn't matter what anyone did however, Killgrave assured control over all Spawn rats, and even the mightiest that had ever been known to Zineon. He went by the name of Killgrave, and many say Avocado's prophecy prophecized of his coming.
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
As a priest of Atarism, I approve of this, but there are some adjustments that need to be made. Atar did not rest until July 4, when the mistakes produced from the first two players and their consumption of the apple led to the creation of the heathen server civcraft, and once he had them beaten back from His holy land, then he rested, on the day July 4th, the holy day.
(08-06-2016, 12:40 PM)_Remnant_ Wrote: As a priest of Atarism, I approve of this, but there are some adjustments that need to be made. Atar did not rest until July 4, when the mistakes produced from the first two players and their consumption of the apple led to the creation of the heathen server civcraft, and once he had them beaten back from His holy land, then he rested, on the day July 4th, the holy day.

Ah, I am but a peasent preacher of Atarism, thank you for the information, Brother.
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
The will of Atar guides us all, and he is understanding of those not yet schooled in His holy word. Any Atarist who spreads his word, is also guided by his hand, but sometimes needs the assistance of others to divine the true meaning. Divining his work, whether completely true, is a noble cause I salute you for, Brother. May you continue along this path far into the future.
(08-06-2016, 12:58 PM)_Remnant_ Wrote: The will of Atar guides us all, and he is understanding of those not yet schooled in His holy word. Any Atarist who spreads his word, is also guided by his hand, but sometimes needs the assistance of others to divine the true meaning. Divining his work, whether completely true, is a noble cause I salute you for, Brother. May you continue along this path far into the future.

The Bible of Atar has been updated, brother.
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
This is truly a sight to behold. I will also contribute to this with the story of Scatman's Ark. I'll get to work transcribing that straightaway.
(08-06-2016, 02:01 PM)_Remnant_ Wrote: This is truly a sight to behold. I will also contribute to this with the story of Scatman's Ark. I'll get to work transcribing that straightaway.

Thank you brother, perhaps more people will learn of the truth thanks to us, Atar's prophets.
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
YU know nothing, CivCrafer shit head. In the beginning there was Texas.
He denounced civcraft, and is now inducted into the Church of Atar. I believe he's referring to the creation of the server, leaving out the heavens.
Atarism originate long before on the server. Long before me, let alone you. Just by coming over from CovCraft and denouncing it you do not become an anarchist, let alone a oldfag anarchist as you try to make yourself seem. Play the server, be someone on the server, then be the same person on the forums. The only good former CivCrafter is a dead former CivCrafter.

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