ASP's Renovation Department
Having missed the last 6 months of press release deadlines, ARD finally hits the mark with this August's issue of Renovation Explained Thoroughly: ASP's Renovation Department's Semiweekly.

Please do enjoy
I have been working on mapping spawn with jorneymap and world downloader... I found that crater and i was actually extremely shocked at how massive it was. Good work I guess Smile

[Image: 8fxuWhN.jpg]
Ha, very nice. Hopefully it was a fun thing to stumble upon. There has been talks about installing builds specific to the craters at their depths and within their cavernous/spontaneous walls. The Renovation Department does not want to be misinterpreted as having solely a potentially perverse interest in destruction- rather a reimagining of the naturally generated landscape in a way that challenges mobility and preconceived notions of proper terraforming. Utilizing the torn land in ways that complement it can be magnificent.

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