MPC #1 - First ever public event in Zineon
I was AFK grinding most of today... when I come back to my computer I see that a piece of Minetexas History was happening!

This is the first public event to be held on the Anarchy server!
MPC stands for Minetexas PVP Commission, and is a series of organised PVP matches for the entertainment of citizens on the server.

Spectators can bet on the outcome, purchase merchandise from the stalls, or just enjoy the match for free (so long as you don't run across the pitch when the match is in progress)

Fighters agree on the rules beforehand

Organised by MPC_Commissioner
Security by AmusingGoose and Dank__Memes__
Location: -80 160
Commentary: IpqpIqpqI
Video: AmusingGoose

PVP Arena
[Image: PVP_match_1.jpg]

[Image: PVP_match_2.jpg]

Well Attended
[Image: PVP_match_3.jpg]

Aspratic Vs Jss05a (Diamond Armour and Gapples, echests allowed)
Jss05a Wins! Aspratic lost 40 God apples
[Image: PVP_match_4.jpg]
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
2/10, didn't make it Thunderdome.
Good post, Chad. Looking forward to future events planned by MPC.

ASP will be officially sponsoring prizes for the winners of each fight on the card from this point onwards. Those who fight and do not win, assuming entertainment was provided for those attending, will be compensated as well for engaging in the contests.
Heh... I'm very tempted to provide free Infinity weapons to selected fighters- that can only help out with brand awareness
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
This is honestly the most amazing thing I have seen on anarchy yet I hope that I am online next time one of these goes down!
I told you this would be recognized on the forum Dilandau! Boom! What I tell ya. xD

I think you should start a thread for further fight organizing; and if you haven't already, share the annual tournament idea. I think it would be great! Smile
(08-14-2016, 07:43 PM)PIEFROMHEAVIN Wrote: share the annual tournament idea. I think it would be great! Smile

Annual? this sort of shit should be weekly! Sunday = Fight Night
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
NCP offers services to build a permanent, long lasting arena. This will be totally free, except for of course an NCP Member's Box.
Damn, I'll definitely join next time. Sorry I wasn't there to watch I was editing videos D:
Expect a post in a few days. I have a lovely old monument near spawn I made a while back which I am going to refurbish into an arena.

If anyone wants to help we finish digging it out, not much to do now, feel free to Forum PM me for coords. Any help welcome!

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