Increasing Player Population
How would you increase your server population?

"Spam other server."

How about you get friends from a location you visit a lot and bring them on to the server. Maybe that is a common social place like Twitter or Facebook. How about school? Whatever it is, do it. Do not go onto another server and spam it. If it's a HUB server ask the owner if they want to partner, but first ask Atar or it won't happen.

Atar did you think of sharing profits in order to go to another HUB. Do you think you can make it compatible with 1.8 or some how find a 1.74 HUB server. Having a bigger server with more conflicts makes a funner game. More drama and more work for staff. Isn't that what you guys want?
We've added the Voting on the Civcraft server. This will be one of the bigger draw to the server.

We've also got the advantage of being on the top of Google on searches for "Civcraft Server" etc.

Once the new round starts and voting picks up again, we'll be seeing a lot more players.

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