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Yes... Thanks for the service!
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Yes... but i think he might have broken the τΓαδΣΓ code of ethics
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No... He did not let me return items purchased in error
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No... He did not bring an echest
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No... He would not accept diamond blocks as currency
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SHOP - Bbaajour
Conforms to Trusted τΓαδΣΓ Rules
[Image: BBaajour_trader_badge.jpg]

This is the official τΓαδΣΓ thread for Bbaajour. He will post information about his products and services below.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
First off, thanks for accepting me into the scheme chad Big Grin. However, i will not be writing down a long list of prices of the various things i will be selling. I say this because as a trader i will be selling items(obviously) and buying items to resell for a profit which means that i will be partly dependant on the offers i get from other players which vary a lot from player to player. Moreover, prices vary a lot due to the changing demand and supply of the market on the server.

Regardless, i will be writing down a list of items i currently sell(will be updated regularly):
-building blocks on demand (example: cobble,stone,bricks,magma...)
-ores and ingots (example: diamond,gold,iron,redstone,lapis,emerald...) ( EB=4DB=16IB=16GB=32RB)
-all kinds of enchanting books (including mending,frost walker 2,and all maximum enchantments on all kinds of gear) (prices range from 1db to 12db depending on book type and availability)
-random items (example: end pearls, base rods, magma cream, gunpowder...) (
-elytras with unbreaking3 and mending (currently down on elytra supply but i will be selling some more soon) (price ranges from 40 db to 70db)
-food items (example: crapple,steak,chicken,melon,bread...) (prices range form 1db to 300db(crapple chest) according to supply and type of item)
-ender chests + silk touch pics (5dbs for iron pic/10db for diamond pic)
-redstone components and parts (ranges from 1 diamond to 5db according to quantity) (doesn't include any slime components)
-all kind of potions (ranging from 1db to 12db for 3 pots according to potion type and strength)
-god amor (not always available) (ranges from 32 to 64 db per piece with chest plates and leggings being cheer than helmets and boots)
I will also be selling anything and everything on demand(demand works through making any deal on chat and waiting for an amount of time, which i decide upon, then carrying it out in spawn). So, if you need something that is not mentioned in the list contact me and i will have it in stock asap.

Moreover, i will be buying anything any player has to offer if i see room for profit in the deal. (the only buying boundary i can set for prices is that they have to be less than 1.25xminimum selling price of any item i sell)

When a deal is being made in chat, i will try my best to give the costumers/buyers a good deal with negotiations.
This list will be constantly updated and i might be adding prices for everything a have i have in big quantities.

Thanks again chad, and i hope you understand my approach to the sales(with no definite prices).
Thanks for the delivery of JackoLanterns. I owe you 128db, which you can either pick up tomorrow or transfer to any other τΓαδΣΓ
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
After seeing how pvp oriented the server has become, i decided to add a new product to the armor market to suit the increasing demand for pvp participation. Traditionally, god amor is used in pvp fights as it is the strongest version of amor around, but it has come to my attention that it also offers many features that don't benefit the pvper(depth strider, respiration, feather falling(no fall does better), frost walker, aqua affinity...). What really matters in an amor set during pvp is protection and unbreaking. For that i have created a new brand of amor designed specifically for pvp which is much more affordable than god amor but as effective in pvp battle. This amor is ☣๒๒☣קVק☣.

[Image: BBPVP.png]
*emerald blocks are also accepted as currency
80db non mending is incredibly shit

Non mending God gear is 64db
(09-10-2016, 03:42 PM)SirJohnChilcot Wrote: Non mending God gear is 64db

I doubt you'll find anyone selling you non-mending God Gear for that price anymore... mending books have gone down in price and there's a shortage of Armour Manufacturers
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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