Today is Our Six Year Anniversary!
MineTexas has been running for six years, today!

Six years ago I was introduced to Minecraft and started hosting a server. We started out as a whitelist only server, with only dynamic DNS Eventually we got a website up on, and started opening up to the public. As time went on, we expanded to a multiverse setup with PVP, Arena, and creative. Later we added Anarchy, Hardcore, PVE to the mix. We also picked up development of and added a few servers for CivilizationCraft.

To celebrate, I created a new promo code for use on 'Happy6Years' will give you 50% off your entire basket. This coupon code is good through the 31st of August.

It has been a fun journey, thanks for playing Minecraft with us!
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Hell yeah. Happy 6th birthday, MineTexas Smile We'll spam some cakes around anarchy spawn for a bit.
[Image: Il5Nx7T.png]" I'll just leave this here
Have Birthday MineTexas!

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