Hello world I guess
So I'm here to say hello

I came here to play anarchy I use the hacked client wurst and that's all you really need to hear

PS I am not a rusher I heard about this thing called an anarchy server and I checked out like 5 other servers most being empty or banning hacks and I played this server for a few hours and liked it so yey

PSS enjoy your new newfag
PS you are a rusher just embrace the rusherness this is rushers server sing a tribal prayer

PSS: Its spelt PPS, I can walk you through the latin if you like, PS = Post Scriptum = "Written afterwards, afternote" so PSS would be Written written afterwords, whilst PPS would be After the Afternote, which is what you mean.

PPS welcome, unfortunately in the 49s it took me to write this shit a new newfag appeared so I hope you like the dark depths of obsurity because thats where you live now.

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