Poll: Did _Jamiebhoy abide by Trusted τΓαδΣΓ rules?
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Yes... Thanks for the service!
2 100.00%
Yes... but i think he might have broken the τΓαδΣΓ code of ethics
0 0%
No... He did not let me return items purchased in error
0 0%
No... He did not bring an echest
0 0%
No... He would not accept diamond blocks as currency
0 0%
No... He attacked me for no reason
0 0%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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SHOP - JamieBhoy_
Conforms to Trusted τΓαδΣΓ Rules
[Image: Jamiebhoy_trader_badge.jpg]

Welcome to the official τΓαδΣΓ thread for _JamieBhoy
He will post information about his products and prices below.

Please note that the τΓαδΣΓ badge was originally awarded to his main account JamieBhoy_ (underscore after) and he created this alt account to leave his main account free to pre-emptively strike against selected opponents
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
This is my products as of today ill be selling and the prices. 

Elytras - 64dbs
Omega Equipment - 32dbs/128dbs
Mending books - 7dbs per/2ebs per
Unbreaking 3 books - 7dbs per/2ebs per
Blocks - Discussable 

-Jamiebhoy_ Heart

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