NCP Order #3 Thread
STA: 29/8/16
DSC: Helping Chad begin a new spawn city, by terraforming land and building 2 office blocks at diagonals from the centre.
MAT: 1 double chests of Glass, 2 double Chests of Stone, 1 double Chest of Stone Bricks, 1 double chests of Dirt, price 144db (approx.)
TIM: 1.5 hours -
MSC: -
CST: -
1 double Chest of glass and 2 Double Chests of Stone Purchased from QwQ_wt for 69db.
South-East Tower Shell Complete, no floors, and unfurnished. Photo attached.
North West tower shell build, ground floors build on both, first floor built on South West Tower.

Beautified the area, built a driveway, did a little bit of terraforming.
Build griefed overnight. Several signs say "Fucked by jss05a" and the central one says "Griefed by jss05a and Xenobyte73" which I intend to bring up with them. Two thin lavacasts on each tower, the south one stretching much higher. Mild damage to the builds, smashed windows and floors in both towers, materials looted and Ender chest stolen.

Started removing the cast, and a bunch of players helped out of goodwill, so thanks to Minoxio, N3xtLevel, AmusingGoose, MrDolphinDerp. Special thanks to Goose and N3xt, who definately cleared to most with diamond picks.

Continued destroying the cast with AmusingGoose, who I paid a salary befitting the great amount of work he had done.
Around the build, road system being built, and plots beginning to emerge. Chad doing great job terraforming, him and Epicfiredude now building roads, FantasticPlastic also helping clear plots, and Amusing clearing the lavacast and also helping the rest of group. City de facto named "Ocelot Towers", which Minoxio called it.

Very quickly after I returned, killgrave1124 flys above in an elytra with an invisibility potion, I think he is Dank_Memes, and he drops next to me and kills me. The others log immeadietly. A lot of stone lost, and a God pick.

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