NCP Rules
These are rules which all NCP members must abide by. If there is violation of these rules, you will be notified and after an investigation and a disciplinary hearing, you may be demoted or kicked out of the NCP.

Rule No.1: No killing

Do not kill any other player, except in self-defence or with permission given in public chat. Punishments will be less severe if deemed accidental, but in general, do not hang around near spawn and leave kill aura on, and if need be, log to avoid the confusion of conflict, and you will neither kill, nor be killed.

Rule No.2: No greifing

Do not knowingly vandalise people bases, nor steal things except with good cause, nor destroy any buildings, like those near spawn, without the express permission of the NCP or the person who owns/built/guards it. Lavacasts at spawn are however allowed, because the NCP consider bases within 100 blocks of spawn to be doomed anyway, lavacasts in your own base or over empty land is of course fine.

Rule No.3: No leaking

Especially when working on someones base or build, do not leak the coords to someone who is not on the project, unless asked to be the base owner/builder/guardian. This is the most important rule as it is a core part of the NCP that others bases are in perfect secrecy.

If you keep these rules at the back of your mind, then I am sure you have not to worry about punishments, and will be a great asset.

If you suspect anyone of our memebrs has broken any one of these rules, do not hesitate to post here their IGN, a description of the event, any witnesses, and any evidence and we will get right on it.

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