War's Taj Mahal
A new Wonder is under construction, Pictures will be provided soon.
Resources Currently used(Will be updated regularly):
-17000 Sandstone

Current Picture:
[Image: eGIeoqM.png]

This is a mordern wonder of the world and i will soon start a building company that will build wonders like colloseum , James-rustles colloseum, Temple of Gold, the great pyramid(goes until maximum build height) , Eiffel Tower, and more.

Keep in mind all prices of building wonders will be more that 1500 Dbs and there will have to be ordered to be constructed more than 10,000 blocks away from spawn. I might also take help from NCP for large scale projects like these. And always payment will be accepted first. 

If you want the wonder to be secure you must hire your own trusted security members. If the wonder is griefed while in construction it will be destroyed. Keep in mind only one wonder can be built once. And there will be discounts if all materials are provided.
Update: currently away, wonder construction paused at 7%
I'll give you credit for actually referring to something you're building as a "Wonder" lol This is not civcraft though- the correct anarchy term is "something I think is pretty cool". Post some pics of your 7% sandstone pile though.
Yes I am currently in CT and by wonder I mean one of the 7 wonders of the world, not civcraft.
I will be sure to post some pics as soon as I get back or I'll get one of my comrades to post it.

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