Edition 1


  • 1.0 : Anarchy Background
  • 1.1 : Cry for Change
  • 2.0 : Rules of Cureism
  • 2.1 : Structure in Ideology
  • 3.0 : Joining Cureism
  • 3.1 : Members List


1.0 : Anarchy Background

We as humans strive for corruption. Power, riches, and intelligence build the structure of our society. We want to see ourselves as the best, no matter the situation or the harm we cause to others. For places with no rules like Anarchy Servers, these factors are amplified compared to the world with politics. The powers of creation and unity are overshadows by the ones of destruction and mayhem. Even as of today, these narcissistic individuals can be seen ravaging beloved locations and items. Is this how MineTexas Anarchy Server should be run?

1.1 : Cry for Change

In the dawn of the September months, a pacifist Minecraft player can be seen wanting to counter the reality of anarchy. With his previous social knowledge, he believes he could satisfy both sides the positive and malicious corners found in a lawless land. With his quill in hands, he confectioned a set of standards that could be the change basses of a double faced society. With his ideas written down, he posted his system throughout MineTexas in hopes that people would agree. CUREmyDEMONS, as he is know in game, is this brave man that tried to face the destructive universe of anarchy.


2.0 : Rules of Cureism

Cureism is a pacifist ideology that seeks for unity in the player base of MineTexas. We strive for changes that completely defy the current atmosphere seen in the server. With some points seeming totally ridiculous, if it is followed by the majority of civilians, we should witness an increase of creativity and positivity. The following lines describe what Cureism stands for.

Firstly, we believe that spawn should be sacred. New players are first introduced here, and are influenced by their surrounds. If these newbies are greeted with food and a colorful decors, they should replicate these actions and look for making the world more creative and interesting. As for veteran players, they should also be able to freely roam the spawn area for trading or travelling purposes without constantly being harassed by players that kill on sight. This is why we believe that there should be a 2K block safe zone around spawn starting from the origin. This zone could be used for creation of residence and should be the only zone ruled by Cureism unless other regions are added.

Secondly, we believe in unity. Player following Cureism should not be seen being greedy; instead, they should be seen sharing their powers. Having an equal levelled population should lead to an overall powerful community that can fight off threatening individuals and help the solidarity spirit grow. In addition, due to player having equal resources, a creative aspect should also expand.

Thirdly, we believe in history. As structures are created daily, they should be preserved for other players to experience their creativity. Structures that have an that are interesting should be recreated and documented by members of Cureism for other players to experience their uniqueness. Objects found in the chests can be taken, but no destroying should be seen.

Lastly, we believe in choice. Due to the reason that players make up the system, we think that players should be allowed to choose who is in lead of actions and rule enforcement in the community. This is why, we greatly encourage members of Cureism to vote and speak out their voice. We also believe that there should a total liberty of expression, no matter the hatred it promotes (unless if this hatred leads to destruction).

In summary, Cureism is founded on pacifist actions. We believe that we should take care of spawn to unionise the player base so MineTexas can have a rich history and and be free from its evils.

2.1 : Structure in Ideology

Cureism is created with a structure. To keep the rules updated and followed by our members, we have various officials that take care of various properties of the community. These groups are as follows:

  • Cureator: Person that takes charge of the overall structure of the ideology. He should take charge of making rules official, changing properties, and helping members of the community. This elected individual is prone to change after one week of service if the community wants a change of leader. This will lead to a vote for other representative to take place. With this said, this said person can not modify his role or the roles of others in the community.
  • Rule Enforcers: This is the group of individuals that take care of enforcing rules in the community. These people are allowed to use force if needed, but should be seen pacific. If any member of this group is seen to take wrong actions, they should be referred to the Cureator for further actions to be taken. To enter this rank, the members should be trained and tested on their knowledge on the ideology, and can only be admitted by the Cureator.
  • Assembly: This is the group of individuals that take care of community rule changes and making. Members of the community take part of voting for changes, and the Cureator takes action to make a change. The Cureator is allowed to assign an attendant to take his place in an assembly if he is not present. This person must be able to say what happened in the assembly to the Cureator and be a member of Cureism. Assemblies should be taken in an undisclosed location, with the communication of liking, but it can only be summoned if there are enough individuals from the community to vote. In addition, under no circumstances are assembly members allowed to change the fundamentals of Cureism, even in a winning vote situation.
  • Members: This involves everyone from the structure. Everyone should be seen following the rules set by Cureism and have a basic understand what Cureism aims for. If anyone that is part of Cureism is seen to disobey, they should be warned, punished, or kicked depending on the number of offences and the gravity of the offence. In addition, they should have the Cureism banner on them or on their house (refer to image in link below) though it is not a necessity.


3.0 : Joining Cureism

Joining Cureism is simply. Anyone wanting to join should contact a member taking part of Cureism through any means available. These members should talk to the Cureator so he can have a meeting with the applicant. If the applicant is seen wanting and capable to be part of Cureism, he will be accepted and added to the members list. In addition, the applicant should be given a Cureism banner, but this depends on the stocks.

3.1 : Members List

This is the current list of members taking part of Cureism. It will update every time a new player joins Cureism or when there is a modification to a player's position. Players that are not in this list are not subjects of Cureism. The player in game names are as follows: 

  • CUREmyDEMONS - Cureator ( Founder )
  • ShadowGuy6204 - Member
  • Noudie - Silnaris CEO / Cureist & Communist Preacher / Evil Scientist
  • GidenOsborne - Member
  • AmazingGoose - Rule Enforcers

Founded By : CUREmyDEMONS

If this is a frat, then put it on the frat forum. If this isn't a frat, then this is the most ridiculous piece of RP bullshit I have seen in a while.

In general, this is the most topkek thing I have seen all month, please please keep us informed whether this somehow succeeds
Whilst I love a new pacifist force, I got to bring you up to speed on the current situation...

The overworld area up to 500 blocks from 0,0 is Zineon. It includes Spawn, and 3 major public cities which have been collaborative projects between the oldest fraternities. We've tried many systems and rules to govern this area, and we've started to achieve a balance:
  • No we don't give out food in Zineon, but we plant the occasional melon farm just on the boundry.
  • Yes new players will be spawnkilled and No we won't intervene. 
  • Regs who have played since from before the rusher thing on 2b2t are generally neutral to each other
  • Active traders are normally allowed safe passage for both themselves and their customers
  • We let each other know if spawn is not safe
  • We do build, and we don't mind it getting griefed
  • Lavacasts do happen, and if decent we'll decorate/tag/build on.
We have order. We have balance.
If you want to create a new sacred area, I would recommend at least 500 blocks out (there a natural End portal at -750x 866z and can be accessed via nether /spawn, bypassing Zineon)

So far every single group that tried to claim spawn for themselves has collapsed.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
I say we sacrifice 420,420,000 goats to Cureism immediately.
This nigga just crossed Freemasonry with Nazism...
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
Fuk that shit. There is no way a shitty assed, one dimensional system like that will work, let alone get the server wide acceptance it would need to get off the ground.

Plus you sound too much like minoxio
(09-04-2016, 09:17 PM)N3xtLevel Wrote: Fuk that shit. There is no way a shitty assed, one dimensional system like that will work, let alone get the server wide acceptance it would need to get off the ground.

Plus you sound too much like minoxio

Minoxio sounds sexy irl
(09-06-2016, 06:56 PM)Mango Wrote:
(09-04-2016, 09:17 PM)N3xtLevel Wrote: Fuk that shit. There is no way a shitty assed, one dimensional system like that will work, let alone get the server wide acceptance it would need to get off the ground.

Plus you sound too much like minoxio

Minoxio sounds sexy irl

I must agree that he does have a sexy voice. I was lucky enough to hear his fabulous voice!
Sounds like the bastard child of Corey and Squidward was stuck in a fire. I don't know what you qualify as sexy, but if deformed charred babies get you hard, you might have an issue.

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