Killgrave/Thanatos/Newfriend Nublets Gone Wild
Rarely do we make statements on individual nublets who get a bit too rowdy and try to "takeover spawn" but these two have been getting a fair bit of attention lately and it's morphing into some silly conspiracy theories pointing fingers in every direction. Initially when I heard about these two I figured it was just another mountainguerilla/shdysll/tipsy/blahblah type thing and completely hyped up (a lot of alarmist "they can 1 hit people" or "he has a custom fight bot" stuff has circled around in the past). After seeing more action from them such as interrupting the MPC event and consistently death spamming spawn while they're taking a break from whatever plug-in swelled server we guessed they hailed from, it's crossed the point where they can be completely ignored. 

I keep hearing things that ASP officially supports them. That's absolutely not true at all. ASP only really officially supports everyone in general, to do whatever the fuck they want. The only binding belief would be a love for anarchy and freedom. I'd say as a group of players the consensus seems to be that they're a passing fad and there'd be no reason to develop any relations with them. I can't say it's not entertaining to see their form of anarchy but regardless, if I have no clue who these kids are and they'll probably get bored of PVP eventually, at this point, whatever. 

After hearing Killgrave is mountainguerilla, atar, ipq, jss, tiipsy returned, taters, chad, sagerebekah, etc, it seemed like the time to look into it a bit more. 

The point of this post is an exchange I had with ataranlen hoping to figure out if these guys/girls/humans were associated with any known players or if they're just pvp visitors with a couple god sets and a strong love of kill aura. Here's something to chew on- sorry Atar but every thread should be pulled.

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: highIeZ.png?1]

So there ya go, killgrave is atar confirmed. Thanatos is probably Aloy. 
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(09-10-2016, 01:47 AM)xXViiper Wrote: Just disregard the messages from xXViiper, I was hacked and these messages where not formed from my keyboard

Ah, the famous keyboard hack! Happens all the time Wink
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