Warhawkking1 potential DDOS claim
This afternoon, between about 7:45 and the present (UK time), warhawkking1, who had just lost a god set to SargentGriff and had therefore threatened to DDOS the server until his things were returned, claimed that he was DDOSing the server, and each claim was followed by about a 40s downtime, with clear gaps in between downtimes as he continued to threaten the server.

He boasted about his own DDOSing software, and though I am sceptical, the evidence suggested he either had a very large lag machine or was, as he said DDOSing the server, and I think this should be investigated and dealt with by Our Lord and Saviour Al'Hazraat Shananshah Atar, peace be upon him if possible, as it is bloody annoying. Several others were online.

Photographs provided = http://imgur.com/a/Xdm8m

Riley shared his tool.
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What? It is still going on now, I have very good WiFi elsewhere which I could prove, and it is happening to everyone. What does that mean?
Silly freemium booter circulating that can drop a server for 30 seconds. It's a IRL dick move. Hopefully these chuckleheads figure out it's just a game and gameplay should stay within the realm of the game world. That's at least my personal opinion.
Indeed. If you blocked Rerum's bed for death message spam, I implore you, to discipline this autist and make him behave.
There's such a clear boundary between playing within game mechanics, and doing things outside of them: Most people understand this, some do not.

Building a lag machine within the server is alright. It's a bit of a dick move but it is "no-rules anarchy" after all.

Knocking out the physical server that hosts the game is (to most people) clearly the wrong side of the boundary. It doesn't make it alright because you did it by wire over the internet- the physical server hardware is not your property to abuse just because someone gives you free access for minecraft.

I don't mind someone raiding my base and lavacasting it IN GAME, but if someone was to rob my actual house and burn it i'd be pissed. Some kids don't get this (like the muppet who actually found a kids house and punched him because he got owned in Call Of Duty)

The anarchy server famously doesn't ban people for any action they take in game, but if someone doesn't want to play the game and instead tries to stop the game from happening, then why should that person be allowed to use the server at all? Just ban them if they don't want to play.
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Great response, Chad.
I especially liked your use of the word "muppet".
Well put Chad. IDGAF what anyone does inside of MC, exploit the game mechanics in any and all ways possible, but as soon as one steps outside of the MC server, they step outside of the anarchy environment and should be held accountable to normal society standards and shit.
Oh damn! Great response, Next.
I saw an opportunity to put "muppet" in the post though. 9.9/10
I agree with you guys on this shit.
The weird thing about this DDOS is that when the fucker riley did it i got kicked half the times it happened which is weird because it looked like almost the entirety of the server got disconnected each time he claimed he activated it.
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